Today’s meeting with DePaul Divestment Coalition

Protest Guideline Reminders

Friday, 5/3/2024 5:58 pm

Divestment Coalition –

As we enter the weekend with the encampment, safety continues to be of utmost importance and concern for all. We know you have offered de-escalation training to individuals participating in the encampment and have been working to fulfill your community guidelines to keep everyone safe.

The administration has requested that the Engagement Team direct the Divestment Coalition to ensure that the participants do not engage with any counter protesting individuals and groups as part of working to keep everyone safe in and around the encampment. Please remember that Public Safety is a resource of support for safety.

As we have already discussed with you, it is incredibly important that the Coalition and all participants in the encampment abide by the City Ordinances related to noise after 10pm. Complaints may be issued by community members to the police if noise is elevated in any way. If police choose to come to the encampment to address those complaints, the environment is at risk of escalating. This in turn increases the safety risks for all involved.

We direct you to continue to live up to the following additional expectations:

  • Respect the human dignity of all individuals.
    • Violent, aggressive, or threatening behavior and language will not be tolerated.
    • Signs and posters inciting violence or conveying hate will not be tolerated and must be removed as directed by the University.
  • Protests, including sound and location, cannot disrupt normal university business.
    • May not impede passage in or out of any facility or roadway or pathway.
    • Any criminal activity will result in police involvement and violators being placed under arrest.
  • No damage to university property or grounds will be tolerated.
  • Participants take full responsibility for their own personal safety and belongings and assume all risks associated with camping in an urban environment.
  • DePaul does not allow outside news media on campus unless approved and escorted by University Communications. Outside media must remain on public property, such as the sidewalk on Fullerton or Halsted.

The administration has and will continue to share these expectations with any known protesting groups.

The Engagement Team is committed to keeping the lines of communication open.


The Engagement Team