Managing External Grant Funding

Roadmap for Externally Funded Grant Projects
Roadmap for Externally Funded Grant Projects

​​​​Welcome to DePaul University's Roadmap for Externally Funded Grant Projects! This page is intended to help you understand the resources available to aid your efforts in finding, applying for and managing external funding to support your research, programmatic, pedagogical or other creative activities. The categories below identify steps in the grants process, and the included links will direct you to the various departments and resources dedicated to helping DePaul faculty and staff navigate this work.

Looking for information on DePaul's internal grants? Please visit the ORS Internal Grants page for information on programs, eligibility and deadlines.

Grants 101 offers a review of common terminology and definitions used in the grants process at DePaul.

Finding and securing external grant funding for projects is a collaborative process that involves multiple stakeholders, including researchers, external funders and agencies, grant managers, the Office of Research Services (ORS), Corporate and Foundation Relations in Advancement, Restricted Accounting, HR, Library Liaisons and others. Effective communication and clear delineation of roles are critical to the success of any research and creative activity.

  • Refer to Who Does What? to review the steps involved in the grant processes and identify which office or individual is responsible for various process steps
  • The Key Contacts List identifies the offices/departments who can help you with your grant at various stages in the grant process
  • For your reference, an Organizational Chart illustrating the structures of the teams commonly involved in grant proposals and management is available

To foster a vibrant research community, DePaul encourages faculty and staff, regardless of their level of experience, to explore external grant funding opportunities for projects and programs. This may come in the form of a direct submission to a government agency or private funder, but can also be DePaul as a subaward, a subaward on a DePaul submission, or contract through a collaboration with another organization or university. 

Key internal partners: ORS Pre-Award and ORS Grant Writer, Corporate and Foundation Relations, College Dean’s Offices and Budget Managers

Some funding sources have multiple step processes. An application or Letter of Inquiry may be required before a proposal is invited. Other funders are open to requests from any organization that meets their criteria during certain times of year. Reach out to ORS Pre-Award or Corporate and Foundation Relations if you need assistance determining the best way to reach out to a funder or agency, and work with internal partners to follow funder directions.

A proposal generally outlines the key objectives, methods and expected outcomes of your project, as well as a planned budget that accounts for all expenses associated with your project, such as equipment, supplies, travel and personnel costs. DePaul offers a range of resources and tools to guide you through the process and provide assistance.

For federal or other government funding opportunities, begin at ORS Pre-Award Services' site. ORS Pre-Award provides guidance and support to researchers throughout the proposal and budget development process. They can assist with assessing funding opportunities, reviewing proposals and ensuring that your proposal meets all of the necessary requirements.

For philanthropic grants submitted to foundations or corporations, start with Corporate and Foundation Relations in Advancement. The first step is to talk to a member of the team or fill out a clearance form. Corporate and Foundation Relations can assist in finding and assessing philanthropic funding opportunities, developing proposals and preparing submissions. ORS Pre-Award will also assist with budget development for philanthropic grant applications.

Key internal partners: ORS Pre-Award, Corporate and Foundation Relations, Budget Managers

After an award has been announced, completing the grant agreement may require Office of the General Counsel review and collecting approvals from university signatories. Office of Research Services will manage this process for government awards, contracts and sub-awards. Corporate and Foundation Relations will manage this process for philanthropic awards.

Grant fund set-up is managed by Office of Research Services Post-Award and Restricted Accounting after grant documentation is completed. Budget revisions may be required if the amount awarded does not match the requested amount. A Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) will be sent to you when your grant fund is set up and available in BlueSky. 

Key internal partners: ORS Pre-Award, Corporate and Foundation Relations, ORS Award Management and Restricted Accounting

Several teams at DePaul provide support to help you effectively navigate the award management process. If you need assistance with any of these processes, please use the Key Contacts document.  

Key internal partners: ORS Award Management, HR, Restricted Accounting, Financial Services, Corporate and Foundation Relations, Budget Managers

Technology plays a critical role in advancing research and creative activities. Our technology support services are designed to help researchers leverage the latest tools and platforms to enhance their work and achieve their goals. From data analysis and visualization to high-performance computing and specialized software, our team is here to provide you with the resources and expertise you need to succeed in your research and creative activities.

Key internal partners: IS

DePaul offers comprehensive training programs designed to equip researchers with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their research and creative activities, from grant writing and project management to data analysis and communication.

Key internal partners: Office of Research Services, IS, Financial Affairs, Corporate and Foundation Relations

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