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11.30 - Key Dates and Payroll Functions

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Dear DePaul Employee,  

Today is an important day as we transition DePaul's human resources and financial data from PeopleSoft to BlueSky.

After 5 p.m. today (Nov. 30), several self-service Payroll functions will be turned off in PeopleSoft, while others will be available during December. Below are details about these key dates related to Payroll.

Payroll Functions in PeopleSoft Ending Today - Nov. 30 at 5 p.m.
The following functions will be unavailable for employee self-service changes after 5 p.m. today (Nov. 30):

  • Personal information changes (e.g., home/mailing address).
  • Payroll direct deposit details for 2020.
  • Form W-4 election changes.
  • Consent to electronic delivery of your 2020 Form W-2, which you will be able to access in BlueSky when statements become available at the end of January.
    • If you have not consented to electronic delivery by 5 p.m. on Nov. 30, you will receive a paper copy mailed to the address on record as of the Nov. 30 deadline.

Payroll Functions in PeopleSoft through the End of December 2020

  • Historical Pay Stubs/Payslips:
    • By Dec. 27, download and save any paycheck stubs that you would like to retain a copy of because historical PeopleSoft paycheck stubs (from 2020 and prior) will be unavailable for viewing in the new BlueSky system. Unfortunately, there is not a batch download capability, so you will need to print and/or download and save each past pay stubs you want for future reference. (Note: Paycheck stubs issued in 2021 and beyond will be available in BlueSky.)
  • Payroll and Paid Time Off Deadlines:
    Through the pay period ending Dec. 27, employees and time approvers will continue to have access to enter and approve time in PeopleSoft through Dec. 15.

    Payroll Date

    Hours Enter/Approved Deadline

    December 4 Payroll

    Sunday, Nov. 29 at Noon

    December 18 Payroll

    Sunday, Dec. 13 at Noon

    December 31 Payroll

    Tuesday, Dec. 15* at Midnight

    * Note: The Dec. 31 Payroll is being processed on an accelerated schedule. Any employees working or reporting paid absences through the period ending Dec. 27 must have time entered and approved by the Dec. 15 Payroll processing deadline.

    • For employees using Web Clock over the university break, more details will be forthcoming.
    • There will be no off-cycle Payroll processing in December.
    • Any time worked prior to Dec. 28 that was not reported in PeopleSoft will need to be tracked by employees and managers outside of the system and then provided to Payroll for manual correction in BlueSky.

Payroll Functions in BlueSky Beginning Jan. 4, 2021
Available now are role-specific training toolkits for BlueSky to give you a preview of the system and to help you start to feel comfortable with BlueSky’s features and processes by the time you return from Winter Break on Jan. 4, 2021.

  • Notable Changes Regarding Time and Absence in BlueSky:
    • Employee time cards will be approved by the employee’s supervisor. The time approver responsibility can be delegated to a different employee. Any time approval delegations currently in PeopleSoft will need to be re-delegated in BlueSky on or after Jan. 4. Information will be forthcoming about re-delegating time approval access.
    • Employees reporting time worked will report that through the Current and Existing Time pages. (Click here to view the training video.)
    • Eligible employees will request paid time off requests, such as sick and vacation hours, through the Absence page. (Click here to view the training video.)
  • January 15 Payroll and Paid Time Off BlueSky Deadlines:
    • For the January 15 Payroll, all timesheets must be approved by noon on Sunday, Jan. 10; any additional payments must be approved by Friday, Jan. 8.
    • Employee W-4 elections from PeopleSoft will transfer over to BlueSky. In BlueSky, employees will automatically be taxed, for state purposes, based on their home address on file with the university. If a new W-4 is appropriate, you should submit a new state W-4 by Friday, Jan. 8.
    • Employees who are residents of a state other than Illinois but work on campus will need to contact Payroll to record the appropriate state tax jurisdiction by Friday, Jan. 8.
    • Starting with the Jan. 15 Payroll, the Payroll start and end dates for exempt employees have changed. Please note that, while the dates have changed, there is no difference in the amount of pay.

For any questions specific to Payroll, reach out to the Payroll Team at or (312) 362-8692.

Thank you for your continued support in the successful transition from PeopleSoft to BlueSky! You can find information and updates on the BlueSky website, or reach out to the BlueSky Team at

The BlueSky Team


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