DePaul University  

Color: owning our blue.

We’ve simplified our color standards around DePaul blue, with red for accents. Our new color palette comprises bright blue, dark blue and red. Consistent use of these three colors will support visual cohesion across our communications and increase recognition of the DePaul brand.

Color palette: bright blue, dark blue and red

Incorporating our signature colors into your materials allows you to tap into the powerful, recognizable and respected DePaul brand.

To ensure consistency of our signature colors in all channels, use the proper specifications below.

Bright Blue
HEX # 0057B7
RGB 0 / 87 / 183
Dark Blue
HEX # 0E4174
RGB 14 / 65 / 116
HEX # AF272F
RGB 175 / 39 / 47

Tints and shades

There is a range of tints and shades available for use, to offer variety and flexibility without sacrificing our visual identity.

Tints and Shades

White space

When it comes to your materials, don't be afraid of white space. White space allows materials to feel clean and uncluttered—and it helps DePaul's colors, and your content, stand out.

Font and typography: tightening our type standards.

Consistent use of typography is another key component to align our visual identity.

DePaul will now use two university-wide fonts: URW DIN and Tenso. These are both modern, clean sans serif typefaces, ideal for design because of their increased readability.

They also are a versatile family of fonts, offering flexibility in widths, weights and character sets that can be used across a variety of communication media. Users may use the fonts—together or separately—at their discretion.

Download URW DIN for Adobe
Download Tenso for Adobe

DePaul’s websites will continue to use Proxima Nova and Source Sans Pro, which also provide optimum readability for digital properties.

Logos and marks: honoring the DePaul logo.

DePaul's logo is the primary identifier in all communications. The proper use of the university logo not only increases brand awareness, but also allows individual units to leverage—and enhance—the university's distinguished reputation.

DePaul's logo is the unifying mark that represents all our colleges, schools and departments.

Updating logos and wordmarks

Units will have to request new logos that use the new DePaul dark blue. All previous logos must be retired. Electronic files of the logo, and logo and signature can be requested through the logo request form.

New wordmarks using the Tenso typeface and dark blue and red will replace all previous institutional wordmarks. New wordmarks can be requested through the wordmark request form.

No existing logos or wordmarks will be legacied in.

Using the logo

We've provided easy-to-follow rules for using the DePaul logo. They can be found on the Logos and Marks page.

Updated printed stationery

All DePaul stationery will be updated and relaunched later this fall. We ask that units replace stationery items only when current inventory is low and a new order is needed. Please check back for updated information on reordering.

Your partner in this.

University Marketing and Communications (UMC) will continue to support all units in the creation of university-wide marketing materials. In addition to the custom design services we've always offered, you can now take advantage of Lucidpress—a user-friendly and flexible template system that allows for on-demand creation of branded marketing assets.

Lucidpress: templating platform

We're excited to announce our partnership with Lucidpress—a user-friendly brand templating platform that will allow you to create custom communications using pre-approved DePaul-branded templates designed by DePaul's Creative Services team.

Through Lucidpress, you will be able to quickly create, print or digitize, high-quality and on-brand materials, such as flyers, posters, brochures, postcards, social media images and PowerPoint presentations. To request access to Lucidpress, please contact

Continued support

As always, we're here to help. UMC will continue to offer a variety of services to assist with your marketing and promotional efforts including free design creation and marketing consultation.

To request assistance with your project from UMC, please complete the appropriate form: