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Vendor & Volunteer Vaccine Compliance

​Updated March 23, 2022

On August 26, 2021, Governor Pritzker issued an Executive Order aimed in part at mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in higher educational institutions. Among other things, the Order requires that most vendors and individuals providing services or volunteering at the university, both on campus and at affiliated off-campus locations, be vaccinated for COVID-19, or have a qualifying religious or medical exemption coupled with a weekly testing requirement. One exception to this rule is that vendors and individuals who are in our facilities briefly, for example to drop-off or pick-up materials, are excluded from the Order.

Vendors and others providing services to the university, including volunteer services, must certify that they are in compliance with the Order by completing an annual certification. You may download and print the relevant certification forms at the following links:

Service providers are expected to review, sign, and return the applicable form via e-mail to the department or area receiving services. No vendor or individual should be working or volunteering on campus, or at affiliated off-campus locations, after Sept. 20, 2021, without having a signed compliance form on file.

All departments and areas receiving services at the university are responsible for collecting and retaining the appropriate annual compliance forms.  

  • Departments and areas are encouraged to proactively send the applicable form to their service providers and volunteers asking them to sign and return completed forms promptly. This ensures that they will have as much notice as possible to comply.
  • Procurement Services will attach the annual certification to all outgoing purchase orders until further notice. (Note: this option applies only to services requisitioned through Procurement. Departments or areas paying for services in other ways, such as via pro-card, or paying honoraria for example, will need to send the appropriate form to the service provider to sign and return.)
  • In all cases, responsible departments or areas must ensure that a properly completed form has been received prior to allowing services to be performed on campus or at affiliated off-campus locations.

Frequently asked questions

The one general exception to the Executive Order is for individuals who are in our facilities briefly, for example for pick-ups or deliveries.

Consult with the Office of the General Counsel if any service provider requests a modification to the compliance form by emailing it to

Those unwilling to sign and submit the certification, and follow all requirements outlined in the Executive Order, shall not be allowed to perform services or volunteer at the university.

One version is to be used when acquiring services from companies and other entities. The other version is for use with individuals providing services and other individuals such as guest speakers and volunteers. If you are unsure which version to use, consult with the Office of the General Counsel by emailing

In such instances, it is appropriate for each department or area to request a copy of the originally signed form. Service providers are not required to sign a new form each time they provide services.

Prospective service providers are not required to comply with the Executive Order, however, they must follow all university COVID-19 health and safety directives while on campus. Additionally, all prospective service providers should be informed of the Executive Order requirements, and must agree to comply prior to being awarded work on campus.

No. While departments may request that service providers show proof of vaccination or test results, they should not keep copies of such documents.

Yes. Anyone providing services on campus, including for example guest lecturers, must certify compliance with the Order.

Each department or area is responsible for retaining their own forms unless otherwise directed by their college or unit.

Forms may be stored electronically and should be kept for the duration of the Executive Order plus for two years after. Updates on this process will be communicated as they are available via this webpage.