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Updated student information

​March 13, 2020
​​Dear Students,

Thank you for all you are doing to adapt to the changes to Winter Quarter finals and Spring Quarter courses that President Esteban ​announced earlier this week. During these extraordinary times, DePaul is doing everything we can to answer your questions as soon as we are able. The COVID-19 situation changes daily, and your health and well-being are our priorities. Each and every student is important to this university. Support is available for you as DePaul implements plans to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

​While DePaul’s  COVID-19 Updates and Guidelines website is a ​comprehensive resource, we are reaching out to all students in the interest of clarifying some common questions we’re hearing from you. 

  • Take Care DePaul: Many DePaul students as well as students across the nation are dealing with sudden changes to their regular schedules and some are faced with having to relocate quickly.  These developments can be stressful and may entail a sense of loss and grief. Information on the COVID-19 Updates and Guidelines website offers tips and resources. Questions? Email
  • Accommodations for final exams: Students enrolled with the Center for Students with Disabilities do not have to take in-person final exams at the CSD. Certain accommodations are easily made in an online format. Any student who wishes to take their exam in-person will also have that option. Talk to your faculty member to confirm how you would like to have your final exam administered. Questions? Email
  • Student employees: Managers will be reaching out to student employees to determine the likelihood of being available to work, whether remotely or on campus.  
  • Online courses: Students should plan on all Spring Quarter courses moving online. Only a very, very small number of courses will continue to meet in person. In other words, in-person courses in Spring will be a rare occurrence.  Your Spring Quarter professors will reach out to you with more information.
  • Tuition: Tuition for Spring Quarter remains the same and is due on March 20. Questions? Email
  • Fees: The Student Activity Fee, Athletic Fee and CTA U-Pass fee will be waived for the Spring Quarter. Your CTA U-Pass will remain active throughout the Spring Quarter. Questions? Email
  • ​Residence hall students: Students not living on campus for Spring Quarter will be fully refunded for all housing, meal plan (including all current unused Flex dollars), and Medcare charges provided they complete their move and check-out process by March 22. For more residence hall information, visit the COVID-19 Updates and Guidelines website. Questions? Email​

Many U.S. universities, including others in the Chicago area, are taking similar steps to reduce the density of people on their campuses and prevent the spread of COVID-19. While we may not see each other in person next quarter, we will remain a community. We are proud of all the ways we’ve witnessed students providing each other emotional support in the last week, and, knowing our student body, we expect it will continue. We also appreciate the compassion you’re showing one another. COVID-19 can affect people of all races and ages, and racism, xenophobia and age discrimination have no place at this university. 

You will hear from DePaul regularly to keep us connected and to keep you informed about the university’s response to COVID-19. 


Jeff Bethke, executive vice president

Salma Ghanem, interim provost

Eugene Zdziarski, vice president, Student Affairs