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Specialized Fraternal Order of Police Academic Program Options

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DePaul will offer four degree programs at the Chicago Police Academy: the Bachelor of Arts degree completion program with a concentration in Public Safety and Security Management, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Jurisprudence through DePaul’s College of Law and a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership through the School of Education.

Students taking classes at the Chicago Police Academy will be enrolled as academic groups, called cohorts. Select the class option schedule that best suits your shift schedule.

FOP Degree Programs offered at the Chicago Police Academy

Learn together, solve problems together, build relationships together — that's the DePaul experience in our partnership cohort programs. Joining a cohort means being part of a group or "team" of classmates who typically share similar goals and levels of experiences.

  • Cohorts start and finish the program as one unit, allowing you to feel comfortable and well-supported throughout your classes.
  • The specific class lists and sequence of coursework is designed in advance of the program so you can plan your life and set yourself up for success.
  • Cohort students benefit from a well-developed professional network for life within the specific field of study and career.
  • DePaul faculty have years of experience in facilitating these classes where conversations are richer, more engaging and even fun.

Special Note: A commitment of 15-20 students is needed for each cohort to launch. This number ensures that the classroom experience is a dynamic and a viable learning environment with contributions from a diverse number of students.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Completion Program in Business Administration, scheduled to start in Spring 2020 

DePaul will help you gain the knowledge and skills you’ll need as a manager, supervisor or administrator in the corporate or nonprofit sectors. Students in this program will earn credit for prior learning and professional training experience through the Chicago Police Academy.

Program highlights include coursework in:

  • Project management
  • Leadership
  • Professional communications
  • Human resources
  • Risk management
  • Workplace law
  • Technology, crime and civic engagement

Bachelor Degree Program Details:

DePaul's Master of Jurisprudence program is specifically designed for professionals who do not seek to practice law, but who regularly encounter legal issues in their work and/or would benefit from a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of legal reasoning and doctrine. With such specialized legal knowledge, MJ graduates stand out as professionals who can effectively and comfortably communicate with legal counsel, and who can assess the needs of their organizations as the laws and regulations change and evolve in their professions. (Special note: This program will not require the LSAT entrance exam for FOP members.)

Apply Now for Fall 2020

Earn your degree from the convenience of the Police Academy:

Fall 2020 Master of Jurisprudence Application.pdf

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Beginning this fall, DePaul will be hosting an MBA cohort program at the Chicago Police Academy. Our nationally ranked MBA program is well-known among major employers for blending theory with practical application.  Here, you’ll learn from highly regarded faculty: thought-leaders known for their expertise and industry connections.

Our MBA program blends traditional business management with customized coursework specifically designed with your on-the-job and life experiences in mind, including:   

·        Cybersecurity management

·        Emergency management

·        Public safety administration and planning

·        Crisis communication management 

Whether you’re looking to elevate your career or planning for next steps after retirement, let our DePaul MBA reputation advance yours.

DePaul MBA Program Details:

Doctorate of Education (EdD)

The Educational Leadership doctoral program provides a rich knowledge base to analyze administrative practices and promote socially just leadership of schools and organizations with an educational purpose. Candidates bring their own particular areas of administrative interest and experience to the program, creating a rich cross-disciplinary basis for discussions and, often, a focus for research. This program will be offered on-site at the Chicago Police Academy.

Other Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Members of Chicago Lodge 7 interested in other areas of study may also consider additional degrees offered at DePaul that span virtually every field and discipline. These programs are offered through our general operations — both on campus and online. Our programs offer a blend of in-depth study and practical experience. And because we're known nationally for academic excellence, our reputation will enhance yours.

Online Offerings

Some degree programs are offered entirely online. You'll get the same small classes and personal attention DePaul is known for.

Certificate Programs*

DePaul offers more than 30 certificate programs through Continuing and Professional Education (CPE). These programs are offered on campus, online and can be customized and taught on-site to meet the need of organizations — including programs in project management, human resources management, financial planning and marketing.

The College of Computing and Digital Media's Institute of Professional Development (IPD) also offers a variety of intensive certificate programs designed for IT professionals who wish to learn new technologies and upgrade their skills in a short amount of time.

*Certificate programs are excluded from the 10 percent tuition discount.