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Specialized Fraternal Order of Police Academic Program Options

Female officer New tuition reimbursement procedures are in place during COVID-19. Current students, please contact for the latest information.

DePaul offers two degree programs at the Chicago Police Academy: the Bachelor of Arts degree completion program with a concentration in Business Administration and a Master of Jurisprudence through DePaul’s College of Law.  In addition, a doctorate in Educational Leadership is offered at DePaul's Lincoln Park Campus.

While a minimum enrollment number is not needed for programs offered on DePaul’s campus since officers will be joining other DePaul students, a commitment of 15-20 students from the Fraternal Order of Police  is needed for each cohort offered at the Police Academy to launch. This number ensures that the classroom is a dynamic and viable learning environment with contributions from a broad variety of students.​

Learn together, solve problems together, build relationships together — that's the DePaul experience in our partnership cohort programs. Joining a cohort means being part of a group or "team" of classmates who typically share similar goals and levels of experiences.

  • Cohorts start and finish the program as one unit, allowing you to feel comfortable and well-supported throughout your classes.
  • The specific class lists and sequence of coursework is designed in advance of the program so you can plan your life and set yourself up for success.
  • Cohort students benefit from a well-developed professional network for life within the specific field of study and career.
  • DePaul faculty have years of experience in facilitating these classes where conversations are richer, more engaging and even fun.

​FOP Degree Programs offered at the Chicago Police Academy

Bachelor of Arts Degree Completion Program in Business Administration, scheduled to start in Fall 2021

DePaul will help you gain the knowledge and skills you’ll need as a manager, supervisor or administrator in the corporate or nonprofit sectors. Students in this program will earn credit for prior learning and professional training experience through the Chicago Police Academy.

Program highlights include coursework in:

  • Project management
  • Leadership
  • Professional communications
  • Human resources
  • Risk management
  • Workplace law
  • Technology, crime and civic engagement

Bachelor Degree Program Details:

Master of Jurisprudence

DePaul's Master of Jurisprudence program is specifically designed for professionals who do not seek to practice law, but who regularly encounter legal issues in their work and/or would benefit from a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of legal reasoning and doctrine. With such specialized legal knowledge, MJ graduates stand out as professionals who can effectively and comfortably communicate with legal counsel, and who can assess the needs of their organizations as the laws and regulations change and evolve in their professions. (Special note: This program will not require the LSAT entrance exam for FOP members.)

FOP Degree Programs offered at DePaul's Lincoln Park Campus

Doctorate in Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership doctoral program provides a rich knowledge base to analyze administrative practices and promote socially just leadership of schools and organizations with an educational purpose. Candidates bring their own particular areas of administrative interest and experience to the program, creating a rich cross-disciplinary basis for discussions and, often, a focus for research.

Students may complete this degree by choosing either a capstone project or dissertation. Based on their selections, they will earn either an EdD or a PhD. Most students complete this degree in three to four years.