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How to participate in the Demon Discount Program

​​All vendors wishing to participate in the Demon Discounts program must be authorized by Procurement Services.

Discounts may be offered to one or more affinity groups. Consider extending your discount to:

  • Over 21,000 undergraduate and graduate students
  • 195,000 alumni, 122,500 of whom call Chicagoland home
  • More than 4,000 full and part-time faculty and staff
  • 400 retirees, 200 of whom reside in Chicagoland
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Vendor Guidelines

  1. Prospective vendors will be reviewed by Procurement Services prior to entry in the program. Procurement Services reserves the right to reject a vendor for any reason. If a Vendor is accepted into the program, then the Vendor's name and information regarding the discount will be included on the Demon Discount website.
  2. Demon Discount Vendors must offer a discounted product or service to members of the university community (e.g., alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents, and/or retirees) over and above what is normally offered to the public.
  3. Demon Discount Vendors must satisfy at least one of the following requirements:
    • Be a major business provider of the university
    • Be a small local business (near one of DePaul’s campuses) 
    • Be an alumnus owned or operated business.
    • Be recognized as a university sponsor/partner by the Office of Advancement or DePaul Athletics; or
    • Offer a substantial discount to the university community.
  4. There is no cost associated with becoming a Demon Discount Vendor.
  5. Discounts cannot be offered on the following products or services: academic programs/services, cigarettes or other tobacco products, credit cards, student loan products, gambling, pharmaceuticals, energy services, mortgages, real estate, medical products/services, health/nutritional supplements, sexual products/services, adult entertainment, or firearms. 
  6. Demon Discount Vendors are not granted rights to DePaul’s name, logos, trademarks, songs, mottos, or mascots and are prohibited from using them without prior authorization.
  7. Demon Discount Vendors must notify Procurement Services immediately regarding any changes to their discount offerings.
  8. Participating in the program, does not constitute or create a contract or an agent relationship between the vendor and DePaul University.
  9. Participation in the Demon Discount program is separate and distinct from any other services that a vendor may provide to DePaul or that DePaul may provide to a vendor.​
  10. DePaul University does not endorse any of the vendors, products or services listed on Demon Discounts DePaul is not responsible for transactions and/or disputes resulting from the use of its website.
  11. DePaul may discontinue or modify this program at any time without notice. DePaul may also decide to remove any participating vendor at any time for any reason without notice.