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​Thinking about creating a budget? This template can help you categorize your expenses. It will also calculate the percentage of your income you are spending in each category. After college, some people have the goal of spending 70% of their money on living expenses, 20% on savings and 10% on debt repayment. While in school it may be easier to aim for 80% on living expenses, 10% on savings and 10% on debt repayment.
Sample Budget.xlsx

If you are thinking about studying abroad, you may need to budget differently. Here is a sheet to help you budget for study abroad costs.
Study Abroad Budget.docx

Once you know what you want to save for, set some SMART goals and work them into your budget. This worksheet can help.
SMARTgoal sheet.doc

Thinking about getting a Private Loan? Use this worksheet to help your decision.

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