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Athletics aligning with guiding principles [for Athletics Senior Leadership]

​​​​Thanks for your time, discussion and attention yesterday in our senior leadership session. As we close the calendar year with our final meeting of 2023 on Dec. 19, we will also begin reading through the Designing DePaul eBook together (linked in the President’s e-mail​) and using it to guide discussions around the modernization of our strategic plan and priorities within our FY25 budget.

When I arrived on campus, I worked with many of you, our coaches, and our student-athletes to develop our DREAM BIG 5-Year Strategic Plan, which is slated to run through June 30, 2026. As we hit the mid-point of this plan, it is time for us to use the knowledge gained from the Designing DePaul sessions (compiled in the eBook below) to make amendments to our Strategic Plan to best position us for the next few years. My goal is that we add at least 1-2 bullet points under each of the 5 Guiding Principles that directly align with the Designing DePaul booklet, and our modern business needs. Further, we will use these discussions as a basis to help us reaffirm our budget priorities in future fiscal years.

I am asking Taylor Stapleton to help lead and moderate these discussions. By our Dec. 19 meeting, please read the introduction and Chapter 1 of the eBook (Pages 1-37) and come prepared for discussion about how this pertains to our area. We will plan to read 1-2 chapters per meeting, have a discussion around the topic, and then host a concluding workshop in March where we will bring forward modifications to our strategic plan. 

I hope these discussions will allow us to become further grounded in the Designing DePaul framework, the vision for our entire university (not just Athletics), and allow us to have open dialogue around the most pressing issues facing us today, including how we will prioritize and steward our resources. 

Go Blue Demons!​ ​