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Budget Blueprint Educational Sessions

Earlier today, President Manuel shared with you the news about the launch of DePaul's Budget Blueprint website and the introduction of a series of educational sessions to lend more context to our budgeting process and financial performance.

Faculty and staff are invited to attend these interactive educational sessions presented by university leadership to explore five critical financial topics.

The goal of these interactive presentations is to provide the DePaul community with a deeper understanding of our financial operations and promote informed fiscal decision-making.

Through these meetings, we hope to increase transparency and engagement, so everyone can actively contribute to the university’s financial health and sustainability.

Over the next several months, leaders from across the university will hold interactive presentations covering the following topics:

· Budgeting
· Financial Performance
· Enrollment Trends and Net Tuition Revenue
· Philanthropy and the Endowment
· Long-Range Financial Planning

The first session on Budgeting is scheduled for Friday, November 10, at 11:30 a.m. in the DePaul Center, Room 8014 on the Loop Campus. Registration is open to all faculty and staff; budget managers are highly encouraged to attend. Register through Eventbrite.

For a full schedule of educational presentations, visit Budget Blueprint Educational Sessions​