Leadership Notes > 2023-24 > Guiding Principles for Speech and Expression

Guiding Principles for Speech and Expression

​​​With the current events taking place in our world, our nation, and our own campus, there are a variety of differing opinions, ideas, and beliefs. The university environment is the ideal place for these differing views to be explored. We acknowledge these conversations are extremely difficult and complex. As such, guiding speech and expression principles were created to serve as a foundation for these conversations.  

  • “[T]he primary goal of speech and expression in a university context is to advance and enliven the intellectual life of the community. The University is committed to the principle that it may not restrict speech and expression simply because the ideas put forth are controversial. Rather, the role of the University is to create the conditions in which members of the University community have the opportunity to critically engage with a diversity of viewpoints.” 
Individuals may choose a variety of ways to express their views and opinions. There may be protests and demonstrations both on campus and in the city. Our approach has been and will continue to be that while we will allow individuals and groups to express their views and opinions, DePaul will not permit actions that disrupt the daily work of our educational environment nor impede the ability of others to appropriately express their voice, within the bounds of institutional policies and procedures (see Protest Guidelines).

The university supports all voices as well as the open exchange of ideas; however, we want to clearly communicate that we also expect adherence to our community standards, as defined in our Code of Student Responsibility. We will not tolerate threats or acts of violence, harassment, or discrimination.   

Our hearts and thoughts are with all those suffering. We encourage you and everyone at DePaul to care for one another during these troubling times so we may sustain our campus community.