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DePaul's solidarity with migrants - a call to action

Effective solidarity with those on the margins, in this case those who are forced to migrate in order to survive socio-economic and political upheavals in their own countries, has always been a central priority for our institutional Vincentian mission. Forced migration is a structural reality, and this reality is impacting millions around the world, with ever-greater numbers of migrants now coming to our city asking for help.

DePaul community members and external partners are asking, “What is DePaul doing to respond to migrants in need in Chicago?”

We are asking all DePaul community members involved in supporting migrants (through teaching and learning, direct service, or advocacy) to take a brief survey so we can create an inventory of actions and consider institutional responses. The survey is here.

We cannot be indifferent in the face of growing need. Migrants and those socially dislocated and impacted by political, social, environmental, and other crises belong at the center of our attention, intellectual reflection, ethical conduct, and educational praxis.

DePaul is responding to migrants already.  The DePaul Migration Collaborative (DMC) is focused on migrants and already has an existing inventory with 75 items that we are building on.  Mission and Ministry is co-sponsoring migrant families with St. Vincent de Paul parish, staff are involved in advocacy and advisory work within the Catholic Church, DePaul faculty are addressing migration in courses, individuals are volunteering in a variety of ways, etc.  

Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac inspire us to communicate, coordinate, and increase our effectiveness in service to those in need, which is why we are sending out this message to compile a list of current actions/projects and why DePaul seeks to support migrants as we strive to respond to numerous other issues in the city, through meaningful partnerships and collaborations.  

Please take the survey​ if it applies to you, and if you have other feedback to provide feel free to share it with us.