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Frequently Asked Questions about Newsline Daily

What is Newsline Daily?
Newsline Daily is an email digest delivered every weekday to all students, faculty and staff. It includes important community news messages that students, faculty and staff traditionally have received from various offices via email. It  contains feature stories, a daily summary of what is happening on campus, as well as save-the-date notices for upcoming events. 

How do I submit an item to Newsline Daily?
Please see the Newsline Daily submissions page.

May I send a direct email to all faculty, staff and students instead?
One of the primary objectives of Newsline Daily is to reduce the number of mass messages sent to faculty, staff and students. In certain situations, mass emails remain appropriate for sharing:

  • Timely and critical information for the safety and well-being of the DePaul community
  • Emergency information related to personal health and safety
  • Messages intended to unify the community in a crisis or emergency situation, as sent by the office of the president, provost or executive vice president.

Newsline Daily is intended to communicate information that is relevant to the educational process or ongoing university business. Messages must relate to DePaul University programs, operations or facilities. Not permitted messages include political announcements; or sales or solicitations for donations to a personal cause.

What are the publication deadlines?
Requests to be included in the “Today's Featured Events" section must be received at least 48 hours before the desired publication date.

Announcements for the “Take Note" section must be received at least one week prior to your preferred publication date.

Save the Date notifications must be received at least two weeks prior to the event date.

All items are reviewed for approval by University Marketing and Communications.

I would like my upcoming event to appear in Newsline Daily multiple times. Is that permitted?
You are limited to featuring your upcoming event once within a seven-day period unless a significant detail has unexpectedly changed (i.e. room change, time change, deadline altered).

I have a flyer I would like to distribute. Can I send attachments through Newsline Daily?
Attachments are not allowed, but you can instead post the flyer to your website and include its URL as part of your announcement.

What are some recommendations for successfully communicating a message?
Be succinct and lead with the most pertinent facts. Assume the reader knows little or nothing about the item being announced. Avoid using acronyms when possible and spell out the entire name instead.

How often does Newsline Daily get sent out?
Every weekday when the university is open, as long as there are new items to share.

Who can submit items to Newsline Daily?
Faculty, staff and recognized student groups.

Who approves Newsline Daily messages?
DePaul's University Marketing and Communications divison. 

Can I remove myself from receiving Newsline Daily?
No. Newsline Daily is an official university communication and its announcements may affect your day-to-day activities and responsibilities. Faculty, staff and currently enrolled students are not permitted to opt out of receiving Newsline Daily or DePaul Newsline.