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June 16, 2023

Newsline will transition from a daily to weekly newsletter for faculty, staff and students for the 2023-24 academic year, and the last daily edition was Friday, June 16. Newsline is now on hiatus for the summer and time-sensitive news will be shared with the university community through Newsline special editions or direct emails from leadership. 

The new, weekly format will launch on Monday, August 28. You can use this form to submit an item for consideration for a special edition this summer or for the weekly edition when it launches on August 28 and then runs weekly on Mondays throughout the academic year after that.

Please note: 

  • For feature story and Take Note submissions, please be sure to provide a complete draft of the news item. 
  • Please ensure any images or graphics submitted to accompany your story follow DePaul’s brand guidelines regarding correct logo, wordmark, font and color use. 

University Communications staff are happy to consider your suggestions for feature stories. However:

  • Not all suggestions will be pursued.
  • If a suggestion is pursued, it can take up to four weeks or longer for the story to appear in Newsline.

 Please provide a short description below and a member of the Newsline team will follow up for additional information.

The Events section highlights events happening on campus in the coming week In order for your event to be included in Events, it must be added to

  • All Events requests must be submitted to Newsline by the Monday prior to the preferred publication date. 
  • Newsline will only promote upcoming events that are open to the university community or the public.
  • Please provide a link to your event from, the official university events calendar.

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