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25 Year Club celebrates 2022 inductees

​​​​​​Nov. 29, 2022

​​Earlier this month, 19 DePaul faculty and staff members were honored for their years of service during the annual 25 Year Club luncheon. The luncheon also welcomed dozens of returning club members, who together have provided  more than 13,025 years of knowledge, support and care to our students.

This year's inductees are: Andrew Baffia, Facility Operations; Gregg Barker, Information Services; Michael Bennett, Department of Sociology; Andre Berthiaume, School of Computing; Stacey Blacher,​ University Registrar; David Brenders, College of Communication; Michael Deangelis, College of Communication; Sanjay Deshmukh, Department of Finance and Real Estate​; Chris Hofmann, The Theatre School; Alfredo Ibarra, Facility Operations;​​ David Jabon, STEM Studies department; John Miller, Information Services; Thomas Miller, School of Music; ​Daniel Mittleman, School of Computing; Eric Nelson, Office of the President; Kevin O’Connor, Public Safety; Johanna Quinonez, Information Services; Robin Schneider Division of Advancement and External Affairs; and Ray Whittington, School of Accountancy and MIS​.