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At home with DePaul

​​​Blue Demons are finding creative, productive and fun ways to hang out at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Because DePaul is asking everyone to stay home​ and not travel for spring break, we want to see what you've been up to!

​Have you learned a new hobby like baking bread, embroidery, woodworking or knitting? Have you adopted a pet? Started working out? Taken on some house or apartment projects? No matter how you have spent your time at home, we'd like to know about it.

Send us a photo of your at-home activities by March 31 for a chance to win a DePaul face mask.

Also, be sure to regularly check back to this page to see the campus community's submissions below.

Rachel Wojnicki

​I have spent the last few months prepping the nursery for our first baby due in May! - Rachel Wojnicki, staff

Teneshia Arnold

During my time at home, I have spent a great amount of time watching so many good shows on Netflix. - Teneshia Arnold​, staff

Robert Merkel

I have been spending a lot of time with the kids I nanny and their dog shown here! - Robbie Merkel, student

Claire McNulty

On warm days, my family and I canoe on the Fox River, which runs behind our neighborhood. - Claire McNulty​, student

Seth Horning

I spent Christmas break building a work-from-home office in my basement. - Seth Horning​, staff 

Eric Landahl

Physics professor Eric Landahl's cat is very curious about the Mouser Electronics​ deliveries. Landahl's has been working on the PPE Illinois Project in his makeshift house lab. - Eric Landahl​, faculty

Megan Moore

I've been teaching others how to make Czech food and learning more about my family's culture. - Megan Moore​, student

Jeanne Williams

I've been doing a lot of cooking, including homemade pecan pies! - Jeanne Williams​, staff 

Ailyn Torres Cabrera

I caught my neighbor riding a horse! - Ailyn Torres Cabrera​, student​

Janaki Soni

As a result of DePaul's student involvement activities, I  started painting. - ​Janaki Soni​, student ​​

Sarah Bockting-Conrad

I have been baking with friends via Zoom! - Sarah Bockting-Conrad​, faculty ​

Watfae Zayed

This quarter, I have been enjoying the snow with my (very big) kitten Kobe, who’s enjoying his first winter season! - Watfae Zayed, student

Cheryl Hover

I have been playing in the snow with Penny, our rescue 8-month-old Black Lab/Shepherd mix. - Cheryl Hover, staff

Elizabeth Clements

I learned how to make bagels! - Elizabeth Clements, staff 

Salma Ghanem

We adopted a cat named Comma, who now likes to hang out with our dog Blinky Palermo. - Salma Ghanem, staff 

Courtney James

I've been taking my dog, Penny, on more walks. It's nice to get out of the house, but she absolutely hates her boots and requests that they be immediately removed when we come into the house. - Courtney James, staff​

Eric Musselman

I've been making it a priority to stay active and get my daily steps, going on walks around my neighborhood and the city, even in the cold weather. - Eric Musselman​, staff​

Taylor Stapleton

I’ve been using my additional time at home to work on those home projects that I’ve always wanted to do. - Taylor Stapleton​, staff

Victoria Van Kirk Pride

My husband and I have watched over 50 of the films from the scratch-off 100 Essential Films chart. It's like opening up time capsule from each decade and being gifted with perspective. - Victoria Van Kirk Pride, staff​

Lynn Safranek

I've been getting in the mood for spring by planning my garden. - Lynn Safranek​, staff​

Daneih Ismail

I learn how to crochet and I knitted blankets for my kids. - Daneih Ismail​, student​

Zoe Doll

I’ve been pickle balling when the weather is nice because it's something fun​, active and socially distanced! - Zoe Doll, student

Veep Gene Zdziarski

The last year has brought a lot of home projects, including my "cloffice" (closet office) in the guest bedroom, but what I have enjoyed most is the rare opportunities that I get to paint! - Gene Zdziarski​, staff​

Manisha reddy

I had lots of fun with my family. I learned to play ancient​ Indian games, like barakatta and chabbies. - Manisha Reddy, student​

Jeff Carrion

I took up woodworking as a new COVID-19 hobby and made this work-from-home desk - complete with headphone and speaker stands! - Jeff Carrion, staff

Lauren Martin

I've been spending a lot of time outside playing with my dogs, even in snowstorms! - Lauren Martin​, staff 

Alyssa Pangilinan

I've been taking care of my 3 month old bearded dragon Belden! - Alyssa Pangilinan​, student

Michelle Patrick

I taught myself how to decorate sugar cookies with royal icing with my dog Matilda overse​eing the operation. - Michelle Patrick, staff