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Fall 2020 face covering selfies

​​​​​​​​Face coverings don't just stop the spread of COVID-19. They're also an opportunity to showcase one's individual style and personality, and we want to see them. Submit your best face covering selfie for a chance to win a free DePaul face covering. You could wear a face covering you made, one with a team's logo, a mask with an actual photo of your pet's face or one that's covered in glitter. It doesn't matter. We want to see them.​ 

Check out the campus community's submissions below. Submit your own selfie here​ and read more about the contest​ in Newsline.


Hui Lin

My mom made it for me! - Hui Lin, faculty

Carolyn Martineau

It's how I protect my family and show that I care about the people in my community. - Carolyn Martineau, faculty

Deisi Williamson

Deisi Williamson, student

Kate Agarwal

This is our small but mighty team wearing our face masks to protect each other and everyone around us. - DePaul's College Access team

Kurtis Todd

I hope my face covering with the DePaul logo promotes DePaul's participation and leadership by example to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. This is an easy way to demonstrate our Vincentian service and care for one another. - Kurtis Todd, staff

Margarita McEwen

I wore this mask when I saw my friends for the first time in awhile because they live in the suburbs and COVID-19. Now this mask reminds me of them! - Margarita McEwen, student

Kate Kelly

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Monet exhibit at AIC. Be sure to get screened AND enjoy a Chicago treasure! - Kate Kelly, faculty

Kaitlin Holyk

We are all DePaul. My parents and I have been touched by DePaul in amazing ways, not just by our masks! My dad took career-aiding courses, my mom got her bachelors degree and I’m currently working on my masters in marketing. We love DePaul and that’s all there is to it! - Kaitlin Holyk, student

Resie Neubauer

My mom loves to sew! She made many different face coverings for family and friends, including ones with pictures of cats and pockets! - Resie Neubauer, staff

Compliance & Risk Management Team

DePaul's Compliance & Risk Management Team

Silvia Morales

Silvia Morales, staff

Alyssa Pangilinan

This mask kept me safe on my 20th birthday! That’s when this picture was taken. - Alyssa Pangilinan, student

Dr. Esteban

University President Dr. Esteban and his wife, Josephine

Naiylah Azam

Naiylah Azam, student

Heidi Wirth

Support small businesses! - Heidi Wirth, staff

Sangsanae Harnudomlarp

I am so proud to be a DePaul student and blue is my favorite color. - Sangsanae Harnudomlarp, student

Megan Rau

It has a Jack-O'-Lantern pattern on it to celebrate Halloween! My friends and I can have a good time celebrating together while also staying safe. - Megan Rau, student

Ashley Crowley

This one is my favorite! It fits so well and is triple-ply pure cotton, so it doesn't make my face sweat. Also all my masks are special because my mom sews a metal nose clip into them so they don't fog up my glasses! - Ashley Crowley, student

Klaudia Jaimes

Wearing a mask helps protect me as well as others, and I love this mask DePaul gave me because it is super easy to put on and comfortable to wear. It has become my new favorite! I get to stay safe while repping my Blue Demons! - Klaudia Jaimes, student

Sudarat Namchaiya

I made this mask by myself using patterned fabric from Thailand. I love elephants and this is the cutest little elephant mask. - Sudarat Namchaiya, student

Jeff Bethke

DePaul’s health advisor tells us that the only current treatment for COVID-19 is prevention. By wearing a mask, I do my part to protect my community. - Jeff Bethke, Executive Vice President

Sara Apostol

Walking downtown and having people stop me to say, “oh I go to DePaul too,” makes me feel like I am part of a bigger community. During these hard times, being part of a community makes me feel stronger, more protected and makes me feel like I belong. I proudly wear my Blue Demon mask everywhere I go. - Sara Apostol, student

Shanon Lersch

As a coaching team, we always want to set the example and strive for our teams to stay safe and healthy. We are proud to always rep our DePaul Love all around our beautiful city! - Shanon Lersch, faculty

Jack Maricle

Multitasking...keeping myself and others safe while raising awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. A win-win! - Jack Maricle, student

Sarah Walton

I made this face mask with African print and wore it to the Black Lives Matter protest! - Sarah Walton, student

Ted J. Bobak

I went with my mom to vote wearing my DePaul face covering and the poling place was at my old elementary school. - Ted J. Bobak, student

Eric Landahl

The volunteers in the DePaul led Illinois PPE effort distributed thousands of masks to underserved populations and healthcare workers. I'm modeling one of the fun fabrics sent to staff at children's hospitals. Donate or volunteer at - Eric Landahl, faculty

Brian Ramirez

Brian Ramirez, student

Debbie Kaltman

I took this selfie after I dropped off my completed mail-in ballot at any early voting location. I love this mask because it does double duty, protecting me and others, and reminding everyone to vote! - Debbie Kaltman, staff

Kathy Hillegonds

My friend made the mask for me in March when they were in short supply. I am the mother of two cats Vinny and Louise. - Kathy Hillegonds, staff

Susana Gonzalez MHA, MSN, RN, CNML

I wear my face coverings during clinical rotations to role model stellar standards of care for my students. We are here to learn and serve our patients during one of the most challenging times in healthcare. - Susana Gonzalez MHA, MSN, RN, CNML, faculty

Tevin Burrell

Its special to me because it's tie dye! - Tevin Burrell, student

Lisa Cheers

A pink mask and pinkie up for this AKA’s stroll to the polls. - Lisa Cheers, staff

bree fahey

It's effective and spooky! I got it for a Halloween costume years ago at Army Navy Surplus. Now it's found a new use. - Bree Fahey, staff

Aidan McLeod

This is me (left) and my friends, Madison and Andrew watching the new Batman movie being filmed from the L station. This was a special time for us becasuse Andrew is a DePaul Film & Television major and I am interested in film production as a Lighting Design major. For Madison, this was her first time seeing something like this! Masks were a bonus because of how cold it was that night! - Aidan McLeod, student

Kris Gallagher

Star Trek is all about Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations and embracing a future where all people on Earth are united, respected and enabled to develop to their full potential. That vision has gotten me through rough times before and it is doing so again. Also, kudos to the Vulcans for developing a widely recognized, touchless greeting. - Kris Gallagher, staff

Karen R Wigle

Out walking my dog Coco on a cold, sunny morning and free DePaul advertising! - Karen R. Wigle, staff

Matt Ragas

DePaul PRAD faculty Matt Ragas and Ron Culp recently met for the first time since the start of the pandemic to celebrate submitting their manuscrit for their next book, Business Acumen for Strategic Communicators. Of course tthey wore their DePaul branded face coverings to celebrate their achievement! - Matt Ragas, faculty

Adrian Esparza

Wearing this DePaul team mask makes me feel like I am part of the team! And loving Chicago architecture! - Adrian Esparza, student

Alyssa Kupka

My DePaul branded mask is the best fitting mask I have. It’s mad even better because I can support the Blue Demons as I walk about. As a Double Demon and staff member I’m proud to wear the BLUE! - Alyssa Kupka, staff

Zoe Doll

My mask protects not only myself but my loved ones and my community as well as promotes an environment of mutual respect and care. - Zoe Doll, student

Lauren Martin

I chose this fun flamingo print to make me smile even though things in the world seem pretty crazy at the moment. - Lauren Martin, staff

Jane Pallos

Voting means a lot to me. I love wearing this mask, before and after the election, because without using my physical voice, the mask represents how I can still voice my opinion and use my right to make this country a better place. Our votes at Americans choose who represent us, make laws for us and give us justice. - Jane Pallos, student


It's BLUE with logos of my favorite team! - DIBS

Gracie Boedker

This covering is special to me because all my sisters have matching ones so it reminds me that we are together even when we are hundreds of miles apart. - Gracie Boedker, student

Caroline Kisiel

My face mask is not of a random dog, this is a family dog named Jasper, and I had two different face masks made with his photo on it. My dad, who is currently in assisted-living with Parkinson’s, is wearing the other mask, and this selfie is from one of my window visits with him. - Caroline Kisiel, faculty

Yvonne L Campbell

I run five times a week and usually on the lakeshore. This is a photo of me running a race over the summer that raised funds for Imerman Angels, a cancer support non-profit for which I am a mentor. Although I am outside and enjoying the fresh air, I believe in protecting myself and my community by wearing a mask. So mask-up, lace-up and run. - Yvonne L Campbell, staff

McLean Casey

It has RBG and a quote on it! I wore it to vote to prove that women belong in all places where decisions are being made. - Casey McLean, student

Nicole Saineghi

Nicole Saineghi, student

Lynn Safranek

I sewed masks for my friends and family to show I love them, miss them and want them to stay safe. Luna approves! - Lynn Safranek, staff

Katelyn Skye Bennett

"Nay, let them only see us, while we wear the mask." Dunbar obviously wasn't thinking of COVID, but the line works if you isolate it! I wear a face mask to protect myself and my community because I'd really like this pandemic to be over with. Don't you? - Katelyn Skye Bennett, student

Mary Navarro

I made these for myself, family, friends and donated to areas of need. I haven't sewed in years but its great to do it again, and help during a time of need for my community and others. - Mary Navarro, student

Dan Azzaro

It’s the Claude Rains look. - Dan Azzaro, faculty