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Public art project under the 'L' adds new murals

Oct. 5, 2017

Brother Mark Elder, C.M., adds four new murals to the public art project begun in 2016, "The Story of the Little School Under the 'L.'"  The ongoing project features a series of murals on the massive concrete pillars supporting the CTA's 'L' tracks at Fullerton Avenue. Each mural depicts a prominent, historical figure that has made an impact on DePaul University. 

The new murals feature: DePaul's relationship with the Sheffield Neighborhood Association; the original athletes known as the "D-Men," from which the nickname "Blue Demons" emerged; The Rev. Francis Xavier McCabe, C.M., DePaul's second president who kept the university open during World War I; and a pillar featuring Rose Vaughn and Marion Amoureux, the university's first African-American women to graduate.