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Thank you notes from the Class of 2020

Christopher Rone, you deserve ALL of the recognition! Thank you SO much for consistently working with me to make sure I did not fall through the cracks! I made it! - Arlette Cortes, College of Science and Health

Dr. Rieckhoff, words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for your support and assistance. You made my goal of completing my Ed.D. come true. Blue Demon pride is contagious! - Jerry Travlos, College of Education

Thank you Tyler McLoughlin for supporting and helping me during tough times. You made an impact on my life, thank you. And thank you Housing Services for always being there! You all are family! - Cindy Salcedo, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Thank you Dr. Noel, Dr. Everett, and Dr. Cannon for sharing your extensive knowledge, and for making me a better person. I will always remember each of you and our classes. - Mitchell Resk, College of Education

Yesterday, I was Kush Oza. Today, I am engineer Kush Oza, because of your efforts, encouragement and guidance. Thanks for everything! - Kush Oza, College of Computing and Digital Media

Thank you for your mentorship. You are greatly admired and appreciated! -Amy Estrada, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Thank you College of Education faculty and staff! - Quyen-VN RACELES, College of Education

I could not end my undergrad without thanking Nur Uysal and Juan Mundel! Thank you for inspiring me throughout my time at DePaul. I have so much respect and admiration for you both! I hope to make you proud! - Lysette Huerta, College of Communication