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How Do I?

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 ​Below you will find a variety of resources to assist you in navigating BlueSky. 

There are two ways to access BlueSky:

1. Access BlueSky directly through

2. Visit > Staff/Faculty Homepage > Click on the myBlueSky tile.

Click on “Company Single Sign-on” to sign in to BlueSky.


Note: If you have not already registered for BlueKey multi-factor authentication, the system will prompt you to do so before you can access it. 

How To Set Up BlueKey to Access BlueSky

DePaul employees must set up BlueKey multi-factor authentication in order to access the new BlueSky portal. Register now to add safe and secure multi-factor authentication for your BlueKey login credentials.

The BlueSky Team will be conducting live virtual training sessions to assist employees in navigating the new system. Take a look at the session options based on your role and sign up! 

Use this chart to find out what tasks you have access to perform in BlueSky based on your BlueSky role.

Explore BlueSky based on your current role (choose icon below)

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