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Faculty Classroom Concerns

1. Health and Safety Compliance

​No. Like any other medical treatment and condition, a student's vaccination status is personal health information, which is confidential under university policy and is a record protected by FERPA. The University Registrar maintains all immunization records according to these requirements. Moreover, some individuals may not be able to get the vaccine due to medical or other reasons and, in line with DePaul's mission, we must practice inclusiveness and care to all members of our community and respect the privacy and dignity of every person.

All faculty, staff and students must inform the university if they have tested positive for COVID-19, received a COVID-19 diagnosis, they learn of a positive COVID-19 case at DePaul, or they believe they were exposed to COVID-19. Learn more and find how to report a case about yourself or someone else on DePaul’s COVID-19 Reporting Protocol webpage.

If DePaul confirms that a student in your class has tested positive, the university’s contact tracing process will begin. DePaul staff or a local public health agency may notify you if it is determined that you came into contact with someone affiliated with DePaul who is confirmed to have COVID-19, even if the risk of exposure to you is considered minimal. Each situation is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Faculty should not make these notifications.

As of April 11, masks are no longer required to be worn in classrooms. However, DePaul will continue to be a mask-friendly campus and wearing a mask will be highly recommended for all indoor spaces. If you are joining a meeting or gathering and a participant asks you to wear a mask, please do so.

Masks are available at these locations on campus.

Loop campus:
CDM Center, 243 S. Wabash Ave., Public Safety desk in the lobby
Daley Building, 14 E. Jackson Blvd., Public Safety desk in the lobby
Daley Building, State Street entrance, Public Safety desk in the lobby
Lewis Center, 25 E. Jackson Blvd., Public Safety desk in the lobby
DePaul Center, 1 E. Jackson Blvd., Public Safety desk in the lobby

Lincoln Park campus:
Holtschneider Performance Center, 2330 N. Halsted St., Public Safety desk in the lobby
Schmitt Academic Center, 2320 N. Kenmore Ave., Parking Services Office in Room 177
2400 N. Sheffield Building in the lobby
Student Center, 2250 N. Sheffield Ave., lobby

Free N95 respirators
N95 respirators​ are available for free at a variety of pharmacies across the country. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website​ and enter your zip code for a list of available locations. 

No. Like ​any other medical treatment and condition, a student's vaccination status is personal health information, which is confidential under university policy and is a record protected by FERPA. If vaccination is necessary for a particular educational activity, for example a visit to a site that requires vaccination, faculty may contact the University Registrar on a strict need-to-know basis to determine which students have exemptions and need alternative arrangements.

If the st​​​udent is impaired or otherwise seems to need immediate assistance, or is disrupting the class, the faculty member can take appropriate steps. The best approach would be to initiate a private conversation making sure they’re OK and reiterating that they need to take care of themselves and not come to class/go home if sick. If a student needs immediate assistance, call 911 or Public Safety.

DePaul's contact tracing team does not have a way of knowing when teaching or student assistants are working with a class or who the assistants are. If a faculty member is alerted that a student in their class tested positive,​ they should share this information with the teaching or student assistants.

You should not go to a face-to-face ​class. If you feel well enough to conduct your course online, you should make arrangements to do so and communicate the information with your students. Faculty with an extended illness should consult with their chair or dean.

​DePaul is closely monitoring the situation and following guidance from the Chicago Department of Public Health, as we have since the start of the pandemic. 

2. Classroom Guidance

A seating​ chart would make contact tracing in a classroom much easier. At the same time, it’s understood that this may not work for every course or every class meeting depending on what is planned for that class period.

Eating and drinking in class is discouraged unless absolutely necessary. Masks may be adjusted temporarily while actively eating and drinking.

Faculty who are scheduled to teach at least one on-campus section with 40 or more students enrolled (as 8/27) will be individually contacted and will be issued a portable microphone and amplifier. Portable microphones should not be used in Zoom-enabled rooms when utilizing Zoom technology as they will interfere with the installed high-quality ceiling microphones.

3. Class Policies

4. DePaul Services

Most university services will be available both online and in person. Please visit the area’s website to check for any specific instructions.

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