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Classes and Academics for Students

1. Spring and summer learning

For financial assistance with technology purchases, please contact Financial Aid at or 312-362-8610.​

Anyone wi​th a scholarship or financial aid should talk to Financial Aid about the ramifications of withdrawing from all classes or not enrolling.

​A coordinated, phased return to campus is planned to begin this summer. DePaul intends to offer a full complement of in-person courses in fall 2021. As we have done since the start of the pandemic, DePaul is working with its medical partners at AMITA Health and stakeholders across the university to develop processes and guidance that promote a safe campus.

For more information, visit Newsline

Start by ​going to Desire2Learn, or D2L, our course management system, to see information about your classes. You can log into D2L with your Campus Connect credentials. Once logged in, you will see your classes appearing as tiles in the “My Courses” part of the home page. Click on any of the tiles to access that course information.

For those of you taking classes that include synchronous meetings online, the link you need to access most classes will be posted on the D2L course site; if not, your instructor will send you the link. Each D2L course site includes a tab labeled “Content” where course materials are found; click there to find information about the first few weeks. Please note that D2L sites for specific courses may not be available until just before the start of classes. In addition, your instructor may email you with specific instructions about your course.

Learn more about accessing online courses in this Aug. 28 Newsline article.

2. Fall learning

DePaul intends to offer a full complement of in-person courses. We expect about 75 percent of courses will be fully in person. The remaining 25 percent may be fully online (including online synchronous, online hybrid and online asynchronous) or may be primarily in-person, but include the option of attending remotely (known as Flex). Learn more about the course modalities here.

The Chicago Quarter, which acquaints new students with the city and university resources, has two options: Discover Chicago or Explore Chicago. Learn more about the options. For fall 2021, all Discover classes will be in person; most of the Explore classes will be in person as well, and some online sections will be offered for students who are in fully online program or who would prefer to take the course online.

We are hopeful the robust national vaccine rollout means this situation will not occur. However, if conditions deteriorate significantly and we need to move courses online in the interest of health and safety, we have the technology and knowledge to make that pivot very quickly.

3. Academic support and resources

​Yes! Many of the same academic support services DePaul has always offered will be available virtually. For the full list of services, please visit the Student Success website. This includes:
Please visit the Student Services and Engagement FAQs for the most up-to-date information.​

​Yes, please contact your professors at least five business days before your exams to inform them of your accommodations and that you would like to use them for the upcoming exam.

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