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Local Community

​At this time, the Richardson Library is closed until further notice.​

​To limit the density in campus buildings, DePaul’s Facility Rental program is not currently making space available to external groups.

At this time, the Ray is closed until further notice.​

​DePaul’s Neighborhood Parking Program is operating in designated surface lots. Paid Clifton permits are operating in the Sheffield parking deck and the Sheffield parking deck is open to the public.​

​Yes the Quad is open to the public. Visitors must wear a face covering and m​aintain a physical distance of six feet at all times while using the Quad. Anyone not wearing a face covering and/or not in compliance with public health guidance may be asked to leave.

​Although DePaul's enrollment is similar to previous years, less than five percent of courses are being offered on campus this winter, with appropriate social distancing measures in place and the required use of face coverings. For more information, visit Newsline. ​

These are courses that, for academic reasons, cannot be offered remotely. Residence hall occupancy has been limited to students who met certain exceptions, which is far fewer than the usual number of residential students. The number of students coming to campus will be a small fraction of a normal year.

​Students are primarily attending courses remotely, including synchronous and asynchronous online options. 

Certain lab courses and a small number of clinical practice courses are in-person with face coverings and social distancing measures in place.

​At this time, after considering the variables and thoroughly reviewing best practices, public health recommendations, science-based research and consulting with the Chicago Department of Public Health, DePaul opted not to adopt widespread COVID-19 testing as a screening mechanism for people coming on campus. A mail-in kit option is available upon request for faculty, staff and students in the U.S. who need testing and are having difficulty finding an accessible testing site.​For more information, visit ​DePaul's COVID-19 Testing web page

​We expect all faculty, staff and students to comply with all of DePaul's policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of the DePaul and local community. 

In addition to face coverings, social distancing, proper hygiene and monitoring symptoms on the #CampusClear app, DePaul's Code of Student Conduct addresses sanctions for unsafe behavior that endangers others. If circumstances warrant, students in violation may face a disciplinary process.

DePaul's Student Code of Conduct applies to all DePaul students, whether they are on or off campus.

We encourage any resident concerned for their safety or the safety of others to call 911. When calling, please include as much detail as possible at the time of the incident.

Residents also can submit information through DePaul’s Incident Reporting Form.

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