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University operations

​Yes. DePaul will remain a mask-friendly campus out of concern for fellow students and colleagues, and in the spirit of Take Care DePaul. If you are joining a meeting or gathering and a participant asks you to wear a mask, please do so.
The community can also download a mask-friendly zone poster to hang in their dorm, office or cubicle to share their mask-wearing preference with others.

As of April 11, masks are no longer required to be worn indoors on campus. However, DePaul will continue to be a mask-friendly campus and wearing a mask will be highly recommended for all indoor spaces. If you are joining a meeting or gathering and a participant asks you to wear a mask, please do so.

No, starting Feb. 28, you will not be required to show proof of vaccination to access DePaul's dining facilities. 

KN95 masks are available at a limited number of first-floor desk areas near building entrances. 
Loop campus:
CDM Center, 243 S. Wabash Ave., Public Safety desk in the lobby
Daley Building, 14 E. Jackson Blvd., Public Safety desk in the lobby
Daley Building, State Street entrance, Public Safety desk in the lobby
Lewis Center, 25 E. Jackson Blvd., Public Safety desk in the lobby
DePaul Center, 1 E. Jackson Blvd., Public Safety desk in the lobby

Lincoln Park campus:
Holtschneider Performance Center, 2330 N. Halsted St., Public Safety desk in the lobby
Schmitt Academic Center, 2320 N. Kenmore Ave., Parking Services Office in Room 177
2400 N. Sheffield Building in the lobby
Student Center, 2250 N. Sheffield Ave., lobby

Free N95 respirators
N95 respirators​ are available for free at a variety of pharmacies across the country. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website​ and enter your zip code for a list of available locations. 

All air handlers capable of accommodating MERV-13 filters have been upgraded in DePaul buildings on both the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses.

Additionally, the percentage of outside air drawn into buildings has been increased, and the start and stop times for all building fans has been extended to ensure that any particles not trapped in filter media are diluted with fresh air to the extent po​ssible.

Any classroom or office areas in older buildings at the Lincoln Park Campus (portions of O’Connell Hall, Steans Center, select Racine Avenue offices), which do not have forced-air HVAC systems, have been supplied with standalone HEPA air purification machines. Instructions for proper use of the machines have been posted above each machine.

To proactively address the fact that groups of people will be congregating in the dining halls, and temporarily removing their masks while consuming food and beverages, the following measures have been implemented:

  • The centralized building fan system at the Lincoln Park Campus Student Center has been equipped with hospital-grade UVC disinfecting light technology meaning that all air circulated in the building is both filtered and disinfected.
  • Due to size constraints of the fan system, the Loop Campus dining hall was not able to accommodate UVC light technology. Instead, multiple, large-scale, standalone HEPA air purification machines were placed throughout the dining areas of the DePaul Center 11th floor.

From the start of the pandemic, DePaul has based our actions on guidance from the Chicago Department of Public Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This includes significant investments the university made to improve air quality and to promote the use of face masks and hand sanitizer.

While some aspects of DePaul's fall planning will evolve along with public health guidance, the measures currently in place as the fall term begins are detailed on the Public Health Measures webpage.

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