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Faculty offers guidance for setting and reaching goals

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Is It Possible to Inspire Anyone?

By: Antonio Morales-Pita, Driehaus College of Business

The deeply inspirational book "Is It Possible to Inspire Anyone?" is readable, compelling and persuasive. It has the potential to transform the ways readers approach, establish and achieve goals in a sustainable way. The book is a must-read, especially for young, middle-age and senior adults.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I was inspired by my colleagues and my students in different universities, who often let me know I had inspired them — to modify their somewhat procrastinating study methods, to be punctually attending most of my classes — by the improvement in their academic results. I felt the need to put in writing my experiences as part of my legacy as a scholar and professor.

What’s the most surprising thing you learned while writing this book?

While writing this book, many different pieces of experience related to inspiration came into my mind in different stages, with a clarity as if they were taking place at that moment. I understood that, in fact, I had inspired thousands of students by their students' evaluations and by letters or emails sent to me by readers of my other books. Some of those messages are included in this book. I learned that I was an inspirational speaker.

About the author:

Antonio Morales-Pita holds doctorates in applied mathematics and economics, and he has taught in Cuba, Mexico and the United States for 54 years. In 2007, DePaul University bestowed on him its Excellence in Teaching Award. "Is It Possible to Inspire Anyone?" is his ninth book.

Publisher, release date:

Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd., June 30, 2021

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