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Adjunct faculty explores toxic culture in hockey

Game Misconduct
(DePaul University/Jeff Carrion)
Game Misconduct: Hockey's Toxic Culture and How to Fix It

By: Evan F. Moore, College of Communication; Jashvina Shah, freelance journalist

Both a reckoning and a roadmap, "Game Misconduct" is an essential read for modern hockey fans, showing the truth of the sport's past and present while offering the tools to fight for a better future.

Game Misconduct
(Image courtesy of Triumph Books)

What inspired you to write this book? 

My co-author and I aim to kickstart a long-overdue conversation regarding toxicity within the sport of hockey. There wasn't a specific incident, rather a large number of issues accumulating over time hockey's gatekeepers refuse to — or are unequipped — handle with nuance.

What’s the most surprising thing you learned while writing this book?

There weren't any surprises. Widespread racism, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia and classism issues run rampant throughout hockey on all levels. After decades of players, parents, fans and other stakeholders calling out the sport, hockey gatekeepers — journalists, administrators, fans and parents — can no longer stick their heads in the sand when so many of the tormented groups are saying otherwise.

About the author:

Evan F. Moore is an adjunct faculty member in the College of Communication and the culture and entertainment reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times. He also has written for outlets including Rolling Stone, ESPN's The Undefeated, Huffington Post, and Ebony.

Publisher, release date:

Triumph Books, October 2021

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