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Research team provides tools for community psychology

Introduction to Community Psychology
(DePaul University/Jeff Carrion)
Introduction to Community Psychology

Edited by: Len Jason, Center for Community Research; Olya Glantsman, Department of Psychology; Kaitlyn Ramian, graduate student; Jack O'Brien, research project assistant

"Introduction to Community Psychology" aims to inform readers how to comprehensively analyze, investigate and address escalating problems of economic inequality, violence, substance abuse, homelessness, poverty and racism. The text will provide readers with perspectives and tools to partner with community members and organizations to promote a fair and equitable allocation of resources and opportunities. With 50 authors in the field of community psychology, from both research and applied settings, we hope to give students the perspective and tools to engage in community research and action. The book also is free and accessible online to anyone.

What inspired you to write this book?

Students struggling with the exorbitant costs of higher education inspired us. As community psychologists, we aim to reduce barriers to participation, empower community members and foster accessibility to resources - and we believe education is a valuable resource. We also wanted to share knowledge about the field of community psychology due to the lack of representation of the field in psychology textbooks and courses.

Persuade someone to read your book in less than 50 words:

Do you ever feel apathetic about the world and wonder how you can change things? This "Introduction to Community Psychology" can give you the tools to prevent societal problems and achieve social justice by understanding people and their environments, and start becoming an agent of change today.

About the editors:

Leonard Jason is director of DePaul’s Center for Community Research, a psychology research center that allows researchers to gain experience and mentorship in applied community research and action. The center emphasizes community partnerships with university researchers to reduce stigma and foster empowerment in communities. 

Olya Glantsman is an instructor of psychology at DePaul and advisor for the undergraduate community psychology concentration. 

Kaitlyn Ramian is a former research assistant at the Center for Community Research. She began graduate school at the University of Chicago in fall 2019. 

Jack O'Brien is a research project assistant on the Oxford House Research Team in the Center for Community Research. His team examines data from people living in Oxford Houses, which are democratically-run recovery homes, to understand and improve outcomes of people recovering from substance use disorders.​

Publisher, publication date, length:​​

The Rebus Foundation, June 2019, 419 pages

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