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Faculty explores human experience of illness

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Research Methods in Health Humanities

By: Craig Klugman, Department of Health Sciences; Erin Lamb, Hiram College Center for Literature and Medicine

"Research Methods in Health Humanities" surveys the diverse and unique research methods used by scholars in the growing, transdisciplinary field of health humanities. This volume is an essential teaching and reference tool for health humanities teachers and scholars. An invaluable tool in learning, curricular development and research design, the book provides a grounding in the traditions of the humanities, fine arts and social sciences for students considering health care careers. It also provides useful tools of inquiry for everyone, as we are all future patients and future caregivers of a loved one.

What inspired you to write this book?  

We learned there is an enormous variety of humanities and fine arts programs being used to train health care providers and to help patients and their families learn to cope with living in illness. We were impressed with the creativity employed by health humanities practitioners to increase social justice through the humanities, arts and social sciences.

Persuade someone to read your book in less than 50 words:

If you are ill or someday will take care of someone who is ill, if you are a scholar or a student, this volume will offer techniques to delve into the human experience of illness. The methods draw on the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, assessment and social justice to help us engage in reading texts, people and understanding context of the artistic productions of people facing the ultimate questions of health, illness and death.

About the author:

Craig Klugman is a professor of bioethics and health humanities at DePaul. He also co-directs the university's bioethics and society minor program. Klugman serves on the ethics committee at Northwestern University Hospital. He is the author of more than 450 articles, book chapters, OpEds and blog posts on such topics as bioethics, digital medicine, professionalism, end-of-life issues, public health ethics, research ethics, education, health/medical humanities, ethics of execution and health policy.

Publisher, publication date, length:​

Oxford University Press, October 2019, 360 pages

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