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Professor examines domestic and international terrorism through academic lens

	Violent Extremists: Understanding the Domestic and International Terrorist Threat
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Violent Extremists: Understanding the Domestic and International Terrorist Threat

By: Thomas Mockaitis, Department of History

Written for the general reader as well as the professional, this work examines the hybrid nature of the two violent extremist movements threatening the United States: radical Islamism and white nationalism.

The book examines the nature of violent extremism today in all its forms, including lone wolves and cyber threats. Focusing on the threats posed by both international and domestic terrorism, it analyzes each in depth as a multidimensional hybrid phenomenon: each threat exists as an ideology, as distinct groups espousing that ideology, and as a network of followers. Short, easy-to-read chapters take readers through the subject matter in a clear, methodical manner. Written in an accessible style by an author who has studied terrorism for more than 30 years and whose commentary has been included extensively in media coverage on the subject, the work is a valuable addition to the literature on violent extremism.
	Violent Extremists: Understanding the Domestic and International Terrorist Threat
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What inspired you to write this book?

I have viewed with alarm the exaggeration of the terrorist threat for political gain. I wrote this book to provide educated, non-academic readers with a scholarly, but accessible, book that examines the extremist threat in a rational manner. I sought to replace fear with information, myths with solid analysis.

What's the most surprising thing you learned while writing this book?

I knew white supremacy was growing, but I was surprised at how pervasive it has become. We face a threat, not only from more than a thousand organized hate groups, but from countless adherents and fellow travelers. Their followers have shown an increasing propensity for violence.

About the author:

Tom Mockaitis is a professor in the Department of History at DePaul. He is the author of 12 books and numerous articles on terrorism, insurgency, military history and international security. A frequent commentator on these issues for local, national, and international media, he also contributes to programs around the world for the Department of Defense's Counter-terrorism Fellowship Program and the Defense Intelligence Agency's International Intelligence Fellows Program.

Publisher, publication date, length:

ABC-CLIO/Praeger, June 2019, 180 pages

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