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Digication is DePaul's official ePortfolio platform for students, faculty and staff to showcase and reflect upon their work and ideas.

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Digication is an ePortfolio platform used at DePaul. It allows students to create a virtual portfolio with content like writing, images, and video, and to organize that content into different sections, like a website. It also allows others to access the portfolio, like instructors, classmates, and others. Digication is customizable, and it is free to use for DePaul students.

Yes, DePaul students must use Digication to create portfolios when they are required for a class.

The University Center for Writing-Based Learning (the UCWBL) is DePaul’s writing center, and students can contact them for help with Digication. There is a thorough Digication Get Help Guide available with steps and videos. To make an appointment with a tutor, use the UCWBL Scheduling website.

For help with getting started creating a portfolio in Digication, see the UCWBL’s Get Help Guide Set-up Tutorial

With the portfolio open, select the three bars in the top corner of the page, then select Submit to Assignment. Select the course, then select the assignment. Be sure to select the button to Publish all Pages so the entire portfolio is submitted. Once all pages are set to be published, select Submit.

Images, colors, and other design elements can be added to a Digication portfolio, and there is information on how to do this in the UCWBL’s Get Help Guide on Adding a Banner Image, and Adding Content

Use the UCWBL’s Get Help Guide for information on Adding Pages and Adding Content to a portfolio. 

If a portfolio cannot be submitted, it is likely because the instructor has closed the submissions after a certain date. In this case, it is best to contact the instructor.