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Weekly Challenges

Use our weekly calendar to keep track of our challenges and your coursework!

Weekly Calendar  Word Doc / PDF

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Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to set goals for ourselves and to keep track of them. That's why DePaul students created this weekly challenges page and a goals sheet to help you track your academic, holistic, and career goals during the quarter.

Select a realistic number of challenges you can accomplish each week. When choosing your challenges, ask yourself: Is this a priority for me right now? Should I focus my time on this or a different goal? How can this goal help me with what I need right now? Will I be able to attain this goal?

You'll notice we provide multiple types of goals for you to choose from. It's not expected that you do all of these. In fact, strategically selecting focused goals for what you need during that time is more valuable. Quality over quantity!


  • Download DePaul's app 
  • Review your class schedule in Campus Connect. Learn where your classes will take place this quarter and use the Guide to 2020-2021 S​chedule of Classes to help you understand the different modes of instruction.
  • Prepare your study workspace! Make sure you have a quiet area, free of distractions, where you can be productive for the upcoming term.
  • Create a morning and evening routine to prepare yourself for the quarter.
  • Become familiar with Student Success resources you can use throughout the year.

Week 1

Week 2

  • Check out the clubs and organizations you can get involved in and meet new friends on the DePaul Engagement Network (DEN)!
  • Wellness Challenge Start the day off with a healthy meal! Take a look at this comprehensive list of recipes.
  • Explore Handshake, a resource to help you search for jobs within your major or interests, make a career advising appointment, register for career center events, review resources, and more. Make a profile to see what's available to you. Even if you aren’t looking for a position right now, it's helpful to start exploring!

Week 3

Week 4

  • Schedule Update your planner/calendar with study time for exams! Think about what has worked well and what changes you need to make to organize your time more effectively. (Check out our schedules above)
  • Give someone a compliment. You can learn about supporting yourself and others on the HPW blog.
  • Get dressed up! Changing out of sweats and into your favorite jeans can boost productivity.

Week 5

  • Check out some of DePaul’s tutoring and study help resources to prepare for midterms!
  • Wellness Challenge Make sure to take breaks while studying, and power up with Brain Fuel snacks.
  • Check out DePaul’s Career Center Library for a full list of helpful professional resources as well as relevant blog posts for finding a job during a pandemic.

Week 6

  • Make sure to take some dedicated breaks this week to decompress in between midterms! Watch a familiar show on Netflix, Hulu, or HBOGO (which comes free for students living on campus).
  • Wellness Challenge Relax with a DIY facial or an at-home spa day.

Week 7

  • Complete one hour of dedicated study time each day this week!
  • Wellness Challenge Get a full eight hours of sleep!
  • Write down three things you’re grateful for.
  • Try entering your resume into this resume optimizer. It will help single out skills mentioned in your resume that could help you in your job search!

Week 8

  • Schedule Plan out when you will be working on a final.
  • Listen to a Ted Talk or another inspirational speech.
  • Try logging onto ASK (Alumni Sharing Knowledge), using your Campus Connect Login, to look for a mentor or connection that could be helpful to you!

Week 9

  • Try making a Quizlet to help study for finals!
  • Turn off your phone for a day while you study.

Week 10

  • Wellness Challenge Try out a quick meditation to unwind
  • Clean up/organize your space to prepare for finals

Finals Week

  • Make sure to take some dedicated breaks this week to decompress in between finals! Watch a familiar show on Netflix, Hulu, or HBOGO (which comes free for students living on campus).
  • Set up a session with DePaul’s Writing Center
  • Wellness Challenge Be sure to fuel yourself with nutritious Brain Foods

Academic Break

  • Make art; draw, paint, collage, and get creative!
  • Pick up a new hobby, like origami, baking, or writing.
  • Reach out to a friend!
  • Make a list of your own challenges and goals. Awesome work completing the quarter, and good luck with future classes!
  • Take a moment to update your resume! Visit DePaul’s Career Center website for tips and strategies. For more personal feedback, send in your resume for review or set up a phone or Zoom appointment.