Student Success > Mentoring


  • Alumni Sharing Knowledge

    A network of DePaul alumni and friends who serve as career mentors to current students and alumni.

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  • Multicultural Student Success

    An office that seeks to cultivate success for students of color, low-income college students and first-generation college students.

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  • Adult, Veteran & Commuter Student Services

    An office that provides tailored services and support to adult, veteran, and commuter students.

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  • International Student Support

    International Student Experience Exchange is designed to connect student mentors to incoming international students.

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  • Meet Me at the Mission

    Explore what it means to be a Vincentian leader and connect your involvement at DePaul to the wisdom from our Vincentian legacy.

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  • University Ministry

    University Ministry helps students of all religious or spiritual backgrounds to find a strong community of support and to bring faith to life.

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  • Spiritual Direction

    Connect with a spiritual mentor who can guide you on your spiritual journey.

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  • Peer Tutor and Mentor Summit

    An annual summit for all peer educators at DePaul to exchange ideas, share resources and create new communities.

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  • Scholarship Support

    Supports applying for prestigious external scholarships for international and post-graduate study.

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