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Resource Picks from Students

DePaul has so many great resources for students we know it can be hard to remember them all. That's why some students have picked a few to shout out! Check out their picks to see what they love about these resources.

Brady Bush's Pick - Library

The library has more than just books and printers. Librarians and other staff are there to help you with research and technical issues, among other things.

Photo of library centered on a staircase and large window.
  • Library Tutorials and Videos for Research Databases
    These tutorials are a good resource for help with doing research for your classes. DePaul has tons of databases that are filled with books, articles, videos, and other sources. These videos will show you how to access all of this information!
  • Ask a Librarian
    If you need some direction in terms of research, or if you just have a question about the library itself, DePaul’s Library website features a live chat channel with librarians. These librarians can help to point you in the right direction and can help with other library resources.
  • Research Guides by Subject
    These research guides show students which databases or strategies to start off with depending on what class the paper or project is for.
  • Genius Squad/Free Technical Support
    The Genius Squad can help you solve any technical or computer problems that you might come across.
  • Workspaces and Maker Hubs
    DePaul’s Library offers a variety of workspaces that you can reserve. A lot of them feature technology that you can use for free. The Maker Hub lets students get creative with technology, such as 3D printer and the laser cutter, which you can use during the open hour sessions.
  • Group Study Rooms
    You can reserve a group study room in the library for free to use for study groups or working on projects.
  • Loanable Technology
    DePaul lets students loan out experimental technology as well as gaming systems, cameras, audiovisual equipment, laptop chargers, adaptors, and much more. The service is free to students and is available both in the Richardson Library in Lincoln Park and also the Loop Library, depending on which piece of equipment you want to lend out.
  • Additional Resources for Current Students
    This page offers an abundance of other resources that pertain to the Library. Check out this page if you have any additional questions!

Lorin Briese's Pick - Career Center

The Career Center is a fantastic resource not only for making connections in the professional world and getting your resume reviewed, but also for asking questions. Figuring out what field you want to be in - or even what major. Talk to DePaul alumni and explore your options.

Resume being passed from candidate to interviewer.
  • Handshake
    Handshake is DePaul’s link to a multitude of professional employment for students. Using Handshake will give you an advantage while job searching as you have the DePaul reputation on your side.
  • Career Library
    DePaul’s Career Library is your way to discover handouts, videos, and lots of handy digital resources. You will find tips on resumes, job searching, and other professional tools to help you succeed.
  • Career Closet
    The career closet is a resource for students to use when they need professional clothes and don't have or can't afford them. The career closet works as a rental system where you can borrow some professional, nice kept clothes for any job interviews or work attire needs you may have!
  • Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK)
    DePaul has an abundance of alumni who are willing to help current DePaul students with any professional needs they may have. DePaul’s Alumni Sharing Knowledge networking system allows students to ask questions, branch out, and learn more about certain job fields and career paths.
  • New Student Career Advising
  • Explore and Join Career Communities
    Career Communities are your guide for exploring, making connections and launching a career in a specific field of interest. Communities provide information, opportunities for exploration and experience, and mutual support in a variety of ways. The communities help you cultivate professional skills with guidance from career advisors, industry experts, alumni, faculty and employers in your field(s) of interest. Information provided by Amanda V. Powers Snowden. (Director, Communications and Operations| Career Center | DePaul University)
  • Career Center Programming
    Stay on top of your career goals, gain new skills and navigate the ever-changing job market with our events and workshops. Career advisors are also available for one-on-one appointments and tailored advice. Information provided by Amanda V. Powers Snowden. (Director, Communications and Operations| Career Center | DePaul University)

Anjali Vaidya's Pick - Multicultural Student Success

The Office of Multicultural Student Success (OMSS) is here to help low-income students, first-generation students, students of color, and students with marginalized genders and sexualities. They provide support in terms of scholarship opportunities, cultural and resource centers, and fun events.

Two people posing for a picture at an event at the Black Cultural Center.
  • Identity-Specific Cultural Resource Centers
    The OMSS Cultural and Resource Centers strives to provide holistic support to DePaul students with intersecting [sociocultural] identities.
  • First Generation Student Resources
    The Office of Multicultural Student Success (OMSS) works with first generation college students by developing sustained developmental programs to support these students' college success.
  • STARS Peer Mentoring
    Students Together Are Reaching Success (STARS) is a peer to peer mentoring programming for first time DePaul Students. Our Mentors are passionate about helping students adjust to DePaul by having outings, showing students how to use resources side by side and being a friendly face on campus. Mentors will check-in on mentees once a week to ensure their success.
  • PATHS Career Coaching
    PATHS is a career-focused program offered to rising sophomores at DePaul University. All PATHS participants are provided the opportunity to engage with staff to have one-on-one conversations focused on career discernment; enroll in a two-credit career exploration and discernment course; attend career field trips; and receive weekly e-newsletters informing students about career exploration activities offered on campus. Participants will also have an opportunity to create a career portfolio.
  • Undocumented Student Support
    We provide next steps, information, and resources including financial support, campus referrals, legal protections, mental wellness, advocacy, and more for current undocumented and DACAmented students.
  • Academic Support
    Academic success check-ins are geared towards maintaining a successful experience here at DePaul. Students can reach out to OMSS staff to schedule a check-in to discuss your grades, your student leadership involvement, your personal wellness and to give you strategies to assure academic success.
  • Multicultural Financial Awards
    OMSS provides scholarships to facilitate the retention, persistence, and graduation of first-generation students and students of color who demonstrate financial need and a commitment to service and academic excellence.

Chiratidzo Sanyika's Pick - Mission & Ministry

Mission & Ministry brings together several offices on the DePaul campus, creating a community of diverse religions and spirituality. If you need spiritual support, Mission & Ministry provides retreats, prayers, volunteer opportunities, and more.

Church aisle ending in a large stained glass window.
  • Catholic Campus Ministry
    Catholic and Non-Catholic students are invited and encouraged to participate in the CCM community in a number of ways. You can participate in Sunday Night Mass, attend weekend retreats, join peer-led small groups, or enjoy free food and discussion at the weekly Cafecito con Tepeyac and Food for Thought, and much more! There is a way for every DePaul Blue Demon to engage with the welcoming, faith-filled community of CCM.
  • Catholic Campus Ministry
    Catholic and Non-Catholic students are invited and encouraged to participate in the CCM community in a number of ways. You can participate in Sunday Night Mass, attend weekend retreats, join peer-led small groups, or enjoy free food and discussion at the weekly Cafecito con Tepeyac and Food for Thought, and much more! There is a way for every DePaul Blue Demon to engage with the welcoming, faith-filled community of CCM.
  • Religious and Spiritual Diversity
    With full-time Jewish, Muslim, and Protestant staff, the Office of Religious Diversity and Pastoral Care team provides pastoral accompaniment, support and advocacy to diverse religious and spiritual DePaul students and communities. We are home to dozens of student religious organizations (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Interfaith and seeking) and provide services online on both the Loop and Lincoln Park campuses.
  • Sacred Campus Spaces
    There are locations for prayer and meditation on DePaul's campuses to accommodate Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist practice. Here you can find guidelines for using the spaces and scheduling the sacred spaces.
  • Pastoral Care
    The trained and experienced staff of The Division of Mission and Ministry are able to offer care for the spiritual life, religious life and other aspects of an individual’s life. The Pastoral Care Program includes individual conversations, spiritual direction, prayer requests and more.
  • Prayer Requests
    Use this link to send a request for prayer.

Ryan Napue's Pick - Writing Center

The University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL) is the perfect place to get your writing work checked. From essays, to lab reports, to resumes - they do it all and for free!

Person writing in notebook in front of a computer.
  • Making Appointments
    If you need arvice on your process, another pair of eyes to look over a draft, or help brainstorming, you can make a 30 min/1 hour long appointment with an UCWbL tutor.
  • ePortfolio/Digication Help
    These tutorials will help you with the creating, editing, and designing aspects of an ePortfolio using Digication.
  • Help for Writing
    From beginning brainstorming ideas to finding the purpose in your writing, these tips for the writing process can provide some guidance to writing effective pieces at any level.
  • Multilingual Student Events and Support
    The UCWbL Collaborative For Multilingual Writing & Research (CMWR) looks to provide the best experience for all of the Multilingual/Multicultural DePaul community. There are events, workshops, and writing groups that explore and embrace the different cultures and backgrounds that make up DePaul University. All tutoring services are offered for free to members of the DePaul community.

Ryan Napue's Pick - Success Coaching

This program pairs underclassmen with first-year students to provide peer support. It is a great program to look into if you’re having a hard time adjusting to college.

Student Success Coaching
Person on a video call.  

Bonus - Tech and Campus Connect Tutorials

The Student Success site and The Learning Center have created helpful tutorials for how to use Campus Connect as well as other tech resources.

Person sitting in front of three computer monitors.  
  • D2L, Zoom and Other Tech
    Tutorials and explanations for using D2L, Zoom, Office 365, LinkedIn Learning, Digication, and other tech tools, services and software.
  • Campus Connect Demo
    Learn how to check your Degree Progress Report (DPR), manage your classes, and more.