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Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit

Creating Your Mentoring Masterpiece

12th Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit
Friday, February 25, 2022 | 9:30 am - 3:00 pm
LPC Student Center 314AB
Coffee, Tea & Lunch Provided

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The Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit is a professional development and community-building event for any student who serves in a peer support role such as tutors, mentors, advisors, coaches, leaders, and others across DePaul University. The Summit is a collaborative event that focuses on the current needs of our communities and best practices. This is a dedicated space where peer educators can “Network. Collaborate. Learn." through a variety of Round Robin sessions (interactive mini-workshops), as well as through community-building activities and other networking opportunities.

Theme: Creating Your Mentoring Masterpiece

In celebration of our 12th event, this year’s theme— Creating Your Mentoring Masterpiece —will explore all aspects of art and creation across any and all modalities, be it music, theatre, sculpture, writing, and more! 

Art can do a lot. It can portray things in a new light, bring solace, push boundaries, promote inclusivity, and more. As a peer educator, not only are you constantly creating and adapting, you are inspired by these same ideas in how you teach and lead.

As students, educators, and humans we are always creating. Whether it is peer education-based elements such as lesson plans or student engagement resources, or other creative outlets like music, poetry, and more, the creation of art is such a massive part of life. For this Summit, we’re excited to ask you all what inspires you to create? How do these inspirations tie into your experiences as peer mentors and how you lead? How does the exhibition and interpretation of art relate to peer education?

This year’s Summit hopes to tackle some of these questions, while providing fun, unique, and introspective professional development workshops that promote collaboration and communication!

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the event, Summit participants will be able to

  1. Describe at least 2 goals to focus on that will assist you in your peer support role.
  2. Identify strategies for success from fellow peers.
  3. Develop an idea to implement that promotes collaboration.

Round Robin Sessions

One of the defining features of every Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit is a series of interactive Round Robin sessions. These interactive mini-workshops reflect on aspects of our individual work as peer tutors and mentors and connect to the experience of peer educators across DePaul. The goal for each session is to engage your peers in activities and discussions that highlight a variety of mentoring and tutoring ideas, strategies, and techniques to help other peer educators reflect on their own work and see it in this larger context. We encourage you to playfully intersect with this year’s theme Creating Your Mentoring Masterpiece with your topic. Each session runs 15-20 minutes and will likely be repeated.

Round Robin Proposal Topic Examples

Here are some examples of how you might connect your session proposal to the theme—you are welcome to think of others, but these might help as you plan!

  • Mentoring on Display:  How the concept of interpretation affects both museum-goers and peer mentees alike!
  • Collaboration and Improvisation: Explore creative problem solving, and allow situations that arise to lead you!
  • The Craft of Peer Mentoring: How do we paint an understandable and effective picture as a peer mentor?
  • Finding the Right Note: The struggles of beginning your peer mentoring journey, the highs and lows of being a peer educator.
  • Painting a Broader Picture: How inclusivity improves peer education.
  • Creativity as Self Care: Using art as a way to decompress from the stress of everyday life.
  • Choreographing Your Peer Mentoring Sessions: How do you plan and organize as a peer educator for the most effective tutoring sessions?
Submitting a Round Robin Proposal

Round Robin proposals are due by 11:59pm on Friday, February 11th, 2021. Please submit your Round Robin proposal online via this website. The Round Robin Committee will be in touch with feedback and next steps.

Round Robin Proposal Form

Round Robin Proposal Support

We offer Writing Center Appointments for anyone seeking support and feedback on developing a Round Robin proposal. As any peer educator knows, two heads are better than one!

Schedule a Writing Center Appointment

Tutors and mentors are encouraged to schedule individual or group appointments at the Writing Center to work on their proposals at any stage of the writing process! Peer writing tutors who have successfully proposed and presented or moderated a Round Robin at past Summits are available to work with you.

To make an appointment with one of these tutors, log in to the Writing Center's online scheduler, then utilize the drop-down menu to select "Summit Round Robin Proposal.

Schedule a Writing Center Appointment

Request a Summit Information Session

Interested in learning more about the summit? If you are a program supervisor, assist in the supervision of a peer education program, or are a peer educator interested in learning more, we are happy to schedule a short information session with you. In this information session, we'll provide a brief overview of the summit, tips for proposing a Round Robin session, and answer any questions you may have.

Request an Information Session

Frequently Asked Questions 

No. The event is designed with various activities spread throughout the day to allow attendees to arrive and depart as needed.  We realize that many DePaul programs hold Friday events. Some attendees in past years have slipped out for an early afternoon meeting and returned to the Summit while barely missing a beat.
Absolutely not! While we encourage university staff members and administrators to attend, the focus of the event is on the peer tutors, advisors, and mentors at DePaul. We invite any office involved in tutoring, advising, or mentoring to encourage their student staff to attend, whether the professional staff is attending or not.
 No. The event is free to all attendees thanks to funding provided by the Summit partners, the Division of Student Affairs and the Office of Academic Affairs.
 Yes! After all, that's what the event is for. The day is filled with opportunities for networking and information sharing, including the round robin sessions. Breakfast and lunch is also a great way to network with  tutors and mentors from other offices .  

Round robins are interactive 15-20 minute "mini-workshops" similar to conference roundtable sessions. You choose a topic related to the theme and your work and facilitate participants' discussion and reflection. 

No. While every office is encouraged to submit a proposal for a round robin session, this is not required in order to participate in the event. The day is set up to allow every office to share their experiences and ideas whether they host one of these sessions or not.

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