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Research & Assessment

Supplemental Instruction program staff regularly assess our efforts to help students successfully complete historically difficult classes at DePaul University through student surveys, attendance and participation data, and feedback from faculty. The results of our program assessment are compiled on a quarterly basis.

Successful Course Completion Rates for SI Participants

On average, over 90% of students who attended 6 or more SI sessions from 2013-2017 successfully completed their course. Successful course is defined by SI as students who did not receive a D, F, or withdraw from the course.

Course Completion Rates

Executive Summary

The Supplemental Instruction Data Executive Summary includes a report of the significant trends that were noticed during data analysis throughout the 2013-2014, 2014-2015, and 2016-2017 academic years, implications for the SI program, and recommendations for further research.

Strategies that Engage Students in Active Learning

Supplemental Instruction Strategy Cards are a compilation of collaborative activities that SI Leaders use in small and large groups to engage students and activate higher-order thinking and retention.

SI Research at DePaul University

Periodically, best practices within collaborative learning pedagogy are reviewed in order to ensure our SI program is up-to-date on current best practices. The following reports are authored by SI Leaders and student researchers.

SI Research at Other Institutions

SI began at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1973, which houses the International Center for Supplemental Instruction. The center produces a yearly SI journal that highlights current research on SI and other collaborative learning journals.

Active Learning

Watch this video to see how our SI Leaders integrate active learning in SI sessions.​​