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Syllabus Sample Statement

​ Providing information about SI in your syllabus is a great way to boost participation in SI sessions. Below is a sample statement about the program for inclusion in your syllabus:

This course was selected to participate in DePaul's Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program. SI is a series of weekly review sessions designed to help students succeed in their academic pursuits. SI is provided for ALL students who want to improve their understanding of course material and improve their grades.

The sessions offer a chance to meet with classmates to compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying, and test yourselves before quizzes and exams. At each session, you will be guided through the materials by your SI Leader, a student who has previously taken the course and done well.

Each week, the SI Leader will conduct three hours of study sessions. You may attend any of the sessions that fit into your schedule. Session times and locations can be found on the Supplemental Instruction website at​.