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Spring 2019 SI Session Schedule (April 8 - June 7)

Students who are enrolled in SI-supported courses are highly encouraged to attend peer-assisted review sessions led by SI Leaders. SI Leaders attend lectures with their assigned section. If you are enrolled in a different section or an online section of an SI-supported course you are most welcome to attend any of these review sessions. Outside of our helpful review sessions, we encourage students to utilize professor office hours and tutoring.

SI-Supported Courses

Biology​ Chemistry​ ​Computer Science ​Mathematics ​Economics
General Biology I, II, II​ ​​General Chemistry I, II, II
Organic Chemistry I, II, III
Data Structures I, II
Computer Systems I, II​
Business Calculus I
Discrete Math I, II​

How to Use the SI Calendar

  • ​To filter SI sessions by course, select the drop-down arrow found at the top right of the calendar.
  • In Lincoln Park, sessions are held in John T. Richardson Library. In the Loop, sessions are held in Lewis Center or DePaul Center.
  • Schedule is subject to change. If you have any questions about the schedule you may contact your SI Leader or Sara Hernandez.