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Spring 2024 SI Schedule

​​​​​​SI Sessions run April 8 -  June 7

Students who are enrolled in SI-supported courses are highly encouraged to attend our free peer-assisted online review sessions led by SI Leaders. ALL students are invited to attend ANY SI review sessions even if they are enrolled in a different section. 

Did you know that, on average, over 90% of students who attended 6 or more SI sessions passed their course?! Outside of our valuable review sessions, we encourage students to reach out to their professors for help and utilize tutoring.

Is SI Supporting My Course?

Check out which SI-supported classes we'll be a part of this quarter!

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When are SI Sessions Held?

View the schedule for your course in the Google Calendar at the bottom of this page

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SI Leaders attend on-campus or online lectures with an assigned section of their course. For sections leaders are unable to attend, they will communicate with those professors and students to share their SI session information and resources. Students from these sections are most welcome to attend any SI sessions. 

If you are from a different section than what the SI Leader is attending, you will still gain valuable knowledge and practice. We recommend you let the SI Leader know which section you're from so they can best assist you. Remember to follow your own professor's methods and requirements, as this is how you will be graded in the course.

In addition to their On-Campus SI Sessions, SI Leaders record their Zoom sessions and share their videos along with their session materials for students to access. Sessions may also be joined live online! There is nothing like the learning experience you'll gain from attending our in-person On-Campus SI Sessions, but we understand that schedules do not always align with our sessions and want to ensure you have access to the same opportunities. 
If you have concerns about accessing SI resources or need specific accommodations, please reach out to your SI Leader who can be found in your D2L course "Classlist".

Click HERE to view which specific courses we're supporting this quarter and who your SI Leader(s) will be. You may also check the "SI Information" module in your D2L course and email communication from SI.

SI Leaders communicate with all students in SI-supported courses about SI resources via D2L and email; your SI Leaders will also poll your class at the start of the quarter to confirm which form of primary communication is preferred (email, Slack, Discord, etc). You can also view the "SI Information" module in your D2L course to learn all you need to know about SI!

SI Leaders send out a survey to poll students at the start of the quarter to find the most accommodating session days/times and campus locations for students. Make sure you complete this poll on-time so your leader can include your availability. The leader will select the most popular options based on the majority of student responses, which becomes the SI Schedule for your course.

Look out for your leaders' D2L/email message about their SI Session schedule and zoom links!

SI typically supports the following courses during certain quarters; however they are subject to change. See which specific courses we're supporting this quarter

  • General Biology I, II, III
  • General Chemistry I, II, III
  • Organic Chemistry I, II, III
  • Data Structures I
  • Business Statistics


Once SI sessions are set, you can easily filter SI Sessions by Subject in the Google Calendar below by selecting the drop-down arrow found at the top right of the calendar. Schedule is subject to change. 

Look out for your leaders' D2L/email message about their SI Session schedule and zoom links. We do not provide links publicly to ensure student privacy and security. If you have any questions you may contact your SI Leader or