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Fall 2017 Session Schedule

Students who are enrolled in SI-supported courses are highly encouraged to attend SI peer-assisted review sessions and SI Leader office hours. Locations are either Richardson Library 105, 109, or 111 in Lincoln Park or DePaul Center C105 in the Loop.

  • SI Leaders attend lectures with their assigned section. If you are enrolled in a different section of an SI-supported course, you are invited to attend these review sessions as well.
  • SI Leader office hours are available to students for brief and specific one-on-one questions. If you have more detailed questions, we recommend you attend the helpful review sessions!
  • Schedule is subject to change. If you have any questions about the schedule you may contact the SI Leader or Sara Hernandez.


Course Professor SI Leader Review Sessions Office Hours
BIO 191 Gilliland Meghan McNicholas Monday 1-2pm JTR 111
Wednesday 3-4pm JTR 111
Monday 10-11am JTR 105
BIO 191 Dean Rachel Pride Tuesday 5-6pm JTR 109
Thursday 11-12pm JTR 111
Wednesday 1-2pm JTR 111
BIO 191 Soderstrom Garrett Buechner Monday 5-6pm JTR 109
Wednesday 6-7pm JTR 109
Tuesday 6-7pm JTR 109​
BIO 193 Barkauskas Tara Gill Monday 2-3pm JTR 111
Friday 1-2pm JTR 111
Monday 3-4pm JTR 105


Course Professor SI Leader
Review Sessions Office Hours
CHE 130 Shelby, Southern Jesse Paner Tuesday 11-12pm JTR 111
Thursday 10-11am JTR 105
Tuesday 1-2pm JTR 105
CHE 130 Griffin, Baumann Adnan Khan Tuesday 1-2pm JTR 111
Friday 11-12pm JTR 111
Thursday 1-2pm JTR 111
CHE 130 Baum-Wagner Torin Grogan Monday 6-7pm JTR 105
Thursday 12-1pm JTR 111
Friday 12-1pm JTR 105
CHE 134 Grice Gonzalo Moreno Monday 4-5pm JTR 111
Friday 1-2pm JTR 109
Wednesday 3-4pm JTR 105
CHE 230 Karver, Rupert Perez Rhymese Liu Tuesday 2-3pm JTR 111
Thursday 5-6pm JTR 111
Friday 11-12pm JTR 105
CHE 234 Vadola Amanda East Monday 3-4pm JTR 111
Wednesday 10-11am JTR 111
Friday 10-11am JTR 111

Computer Science

Course Professor SI Leader Review Sessions Office Hours
CSC 300 Zimmerman Luis Pineda  Tuesday 12:30-1:30pm DPC C105
Thursday 5-6pm DPC C105
Thursday 12:30-1:30pm DPC C105
CSC 300 Zimmerman Gabriel Reyes Monday 3-4pm DPC C105
Friday 1-2pm DPC C105
Thursday 12-1pm DPC C105


Course Professor SI Leader Review Sessions Office Hours
ECO 105 Bucci Delaney Spangler Monday 6-7pm JTR 109
Tuesday 5-6pm DPC C105
Sunday 6:30-7:30pm JTR 105
ECO 105 Mirhosseini Hadi Jachi Monday 12-1pm DPC C105
Wednesday 12-1pm DPC C105
Wednesday 9-10am DPC C105
ECO 105 Phelan Matthew Alvarez Monday 5-6pm JTR 105
Wednesday 1:45-2:45pm DPC C105
Thursday 1-2pm JTR 105
ECO 106 Mary Mohammed Ahmed Wednesday 6-7pm JTR 111
Thursday 1:30-2:30pm DPC C105
Tuesday 9-10am DPC C105


Course Professor SI Leader Review Sessions Office Hours
MAT 130 Khananu Daniel Koev Monday 8:30-9:30am JTR 105
Thursday 5:30-6:30pm JTR 105
Tuesday 12-1pm JTR 105
MAT 130 Potaniec Isaac Pablo Tuesday 3-4pm JTR 105
Thursday 11:45-12:45pm JTR 105
Monday 11:45-12:45pm JTR 105