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Spring 2020 Online Schedule (March 30-June 5)

​​​​​​​​Students who are enrolled in SI-supported courses are highly encouraged to attend our free peer-assisted online review sessions led by SI Leaders. Outside of our helpful review sessions, we encourage students to reach out to their professors for help and utilize tutoring​.


SI Leaders watch or attend online lectures with an assigned section of their course. ​Even if you are enrolled in a different section, ALL students are invited to attend ANY SI review sessions. SI Leaders communicate with all students in SI-supported courses via D2L and/or email about SI Online Session times and support. 

Scroll to the bottom of this page to learn HOW TO FIND YOUR SI LEADER'S ONLINE SESSIONS
BIO 192: General Biology II
  • Tim Walsh (Section 301 with Professor Sparkes)
  • Emma Melendez (Section 301 with Professors Sparkes)
BIO 193: General Biology III
  • MJ Willis (Section 301 with Professors Dean & Bystriansky)
  • Gabby Gasparini (Section 302 with Professors Dean & Bystriansky)
  • Zoe Ryan (Section 303 with Professor Martineau)
  • Lily Boland (Section 303 with Professor Martineau)
CHE 132: General Chemistry II
  • Arla Sisson (Section 301 with Professor Kahveci)
  • Patryk Labedz (Section 302 with Professor Baumann)
CHE 134: General Chemistry III
  • Josh Ludke (Section 301 with Professor Southern)
  • Rachel Lewandowski (Section 302 with Professor Lin)
  • Rachel Lewandowski (Section 303 with Professor Shelby)
CHE 232: Organic Chemistry II
  • Kyle Kasparian (Section 301 with Professor Karver)
CHE 234: Organic Chemistry III
  • Nicolas Clarisse (Section 301 with Professor Vadola)
  • Julia Petrescu (Section 301 with Professor Vadola)
CSC 300: Data Structures I
  • Murtaza Meerza (Sections 601, 610 with Professor Riely)
  • Marija Jovicic (Sections 602, 611, 901, 910 with Professor Zimmerman)
CSC 301: Data Structures II
  • David Anderson (Section 601 with Professor Rogers)
  • Luigi Alecce (Sections 602, 610 with Professor Marrero)
CSC 373: Computer Systems I
  • Elona Selenica (Sections 601, 610 with Professor Marrero)
  • Mikala Metzger (Sections 602, 611 with Professor Lytinen)
CSC 374: Computer Systems II
  • John Yenter-Briars (Sections 601, 610 with Professor Heart)
  • David Palacios (Sections 901, 910 with Professor Phillips)
CSC 402: Data Structures I
  • Marija Jovicic (Sections 901, 910 with Professor Zimmerman)
CSC 403: Data Structures II
  • David Anderson (Sections 910, 902 with Professor Rogers)
CSC 406: Systems I
  • Elona Selenica (Sections 901, 910 with Professor Huang)
CSC 407: Systems II
  • David Palacios (Sections 901, 910 with Professor Phillips)
ECO 105: Microeconomics
  • Annie Nyqvist (Sections 602, 603, 605 with Professor Mirhosseini)
MAT 130: Precalculus
  • Sofia Lasky-Headrick (Section 301 with Professor Chochonelidze)
  • Sofia Lasky Headrick (Section 302 with Professor Berele)
MAT 135: Business Calculus
  • Lauren Schmidt (Section 601 with Professor Varghese)
  • Chiratidzo Sanyika (Section 602 with Professor Esposito)
  • Ryan Napue (Section 603 with Professor Validashti)
  • Lauren Schmidt (Section 604 with Professor Bockting-Conrad)
MAT 140: Discrete Mathematics I
  • Jake Lukawski (Sections 310, 601 with Professor Mogultay-Rogers)
  • Jake Lukawski (Section 602 with Professor Furno)
  • Anjali Vaidya (Section 603 with Professor Malitz)
MAT 141: Discrete Mathematics II
  • Miles Plurad (Sections 601, 610 with Professor Mogultay-Rogers)
  • Miles Plurad (Section 602 with Professor Furno)
  • Miles Plurad (Section 603 with Professor Malitz)


How to Find Your SI Leader's Online Sessions

  • SI Leaders poll students at the start of the quarter to find the most accommodating session days/times for students. Look out for your leaders' D2L and/or email message about this!
  • Once sessions are set you can filter SI Sessions by Course in the google calendar below by selecting the drop-down arrow found at the top right of the calendar.
  • Your SI Leader provides you with their online session zoom link in D2L and/or email. We do not provide links publicly to ensure student privacy and security.
  • Schedule is subject to change. If you have any questions about the schedule you may contact your SI Leader or Sara Hernandez.