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Supplement Instruction Leader Responsibilities

Supplemental Instruction will train all SI Leaders according to established guidelines and standards. We will monitor the activities and presentations of SI Leaders for as long as necessary by helping plan sessions and observing their performance.

Responsibilities of SI Leaders include:


Leaders facilitate two one-hour group study sessions and hold one office hour weekly, at times convenient to members of the class.


SI Leaders must attend all class lectures to ensure consistent knowledge of the course expectations. If they need to miss a lecture, they are required to get prior approval from you.


SI Leaders are asked to be an active participant in class. This can take shape in a variety of ways: helping to answer student questions, demonstrating concepts, providing input during lecture, etc. The leader will consult with you to determine the best way they can support you in class.


Your SI Leader should be in regular communication with you regarding his or her sessions. This communciation can happen in regular meetings or email communication - whatever works best for you.

SI Leaders Don't...

  • Grade assignments or exams
  • Relecture material
  • Introduce new material