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New City Moving

​​​​​​Available to faculty, staff and students

Company Description

Since our start in 2009, there has been one thing at the heart of New City Moving's operation: YOU. Having worked in the moving industry for years, owner Brian Slater was often dismayed at the lack of care and attention provided to customers during their most stressful moments. Trusting clients were met with damaged furniture, bills far over estimate and uncompassionate representatives time and time again, and with no recourse when their expectations were so blatantly dashed. It took some time and a lot of guts, but eventually he decided, "People deserve better than this."

Discount Information

  • Unlimited free rental wardrobes and unlimited free rolls of tape

Getting the Discount

Get a free quote from New City by calling or filling out the online form. A New City representitive will contact you regarding your move, and you can mention the Demon Discount offer.

For more information, call (800) 733-6644.