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Urban School Initiative

Urban Schools, community garden
ABCD in Action, SCO Devan Keys kickstarts a community garden.

The Urban School Initiative serves as a catalyst to improve and expand access to DePaul resources—departments, faculty, and students, in respectful and mutually beneficial ways. We aim to improve access to and coordination of university-wide resources and integral efforts supporting Urban Schools (Catholic and Public Schools). U​SI promotes a more comprehensive, strengths-based, community-building approach to our work with urban school partners and their communities. It also opens an ongoing dialogue with schools about their changing needs. ​

Our school-based teams spark academic achievement through mentoring, experiential and project-based learning, and community connections. Every unit at our partner schools consists of a group of undergraduate students and a graduate student designed as a School Community Organizer (SCO). The same team supports the school for at least an academic year.

The School Community Organizer (SCO)​​

The School Community Organizer (SCO) is multifaceted and focuses on collaboration, partnerships, and community engagement. An integral part of the SCO role is connecting DePaul, our urban school partners, and the school’s community. The School Community Organizer builds relationships within the school and community, identifies partners, and provides project-based service learning opportunities that create greater DePaul synergy. The SCO coordinates and supervises a school team of undergraduate students who serve children in the classroom in individual and group tutoring. SCOs and their teams are encouraged to lead a school or community project, participate in school and community meetings, and serve as family engagement liaisons. ​

For inquiries regarding the Urban School Initiative, contact the Associate Director, Monica Ramos​.