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Information Services announces anti-phishing policy change

Phishing Policy Changes for BlueM@il
Please be advised we are planning a change to the existing anti-phishing policy affecting DePaul resource account mailboxes on Thursday, November 9. The policy changes are part of our effort to evaluate the most suitable anti-phishing controls protecting DePaul email users. As part of this effort, we'll be slightly increasing the anti-phishing controls, as well as making minor changes to how phishing messages are handled. You will be able to find messages labeled as phishing by Microsoft in the Junk folder of your inbox. We don't expect a major impact from these changes, but please feel free to report any adverse effects issues you may notice resulting from this policy change to

What if important emails have been filtered into my junk folder?
Ideally, this shouldn’t happen much. If you happen to find an email that you know is a safe sender and it’s been filtered into the junk folder, you can always add the sender email to the safe senders list in Microsoft Outlook.

A more secure DePaul
Information Services and the Security team would like to thank all DePaul students, faculty, and staff for utilizing enhanced digital security features. Through the increased use of safeguards like BlueKey MFA, Outlook’s Safe Links and Safe Attachments, and increased phishing protections, our university and personal information is more secure.