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Staff Council General Election

Why Run Flyer
Staff Council Needs Your Voice!

Members of Staff Council represent all staff across the university to make a difference at DePaul. We all work here - let's work together to make it an enriched and informed community. Staff Council is seeking staff members who represent all areas of the university, bring different perspectives and experiences, and who can be the voice for staff colleagues. 

Membership requires:

  • Attendance and participation at monthly meetings
  • Participation in a Staff Council standing committee
  • Representation and advocacy for staff colleagues
  • Becoming informed about current university issues, especially those relating to staff
  • Communication with colleagues about university issues
  • Participation in Staff Council activities and events

How long is the commitment?

Staff Council members serve a two-year term, for which they must be elected by staff peers. 

How do I get elected? 

You will submit the online Staff Council Candidacy Form, which includes a brief statement (250 words maximum) about yourself, including:

    • Your work history at DePaul
    • Your reasons for wanting to serve on Staff Council
    • Goals you would work towards on Staff Council

The information you share will be included on the election ballots sent to university staff.

You will also need approval from your supervisor.  And in most years, candidates need to submit a Staff Council Candidacy Signature form containing signatures from at least ten (10) members of the staff community who support your intentions to run for Staff Council and permission from your supervisor.  Since the pandemic and remote work situation make this much more difficult, this will NOT be required for candidates this year.

How to submit your candidacy for Staff Council

If you are interested in joining Staff Council, please apply by March 31, 2021 by completing the following steps:

1. Complete the online Staff Council Candidacy Form.

2. Copy and paste the full statement below and e-mail it to your supervisor.  Your supervisor must e-mail this Statement of Approval to


I understand any staff member elected to serve on Staff Council will be a representative and advocate for all staff and required to actively participate and attend Staff Council meetings and activities. This includes but is not limited to:

· Monthly meetings (every third Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm, alternating campuses)

· Committee meetings (monthly or bi-monthly as needed)

· Council events (several per year, Loop and Lincoln park campuses)

· University committees (varies)

· Volunteer at university events (varies)

Staff Council members agree to serve a two (2) year term and be available to attend meetings and events.

I grant approval for the staff member indicated above, if elected, to serve.

ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE OF SUPERVISOR                                     

Submit your Staff Council Candidacy Form