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2018-19 Staff Council Diversity Award

Download and complete the DePaul University Staff Council Diversity Award Application 2018.2019 form and submit it as an email attachment to

The deadline for submissions is May 31st and the Staff Council Diversity Award will be presented at the June 19th Staff Council Meeting.

About the Staff Council Diversity Award:
The Staff Council Diversity Award recognizes an individual staff or department that has demonstrated (over the last year) outstanding achievements, initiatives and sustained commitment to the mission, pursuit of cultural diversity, and advocacy of civil and human rights within the DePaul Community. It recognizes individuals, programs and departments that embrace diversity as a fundamental element in the mission of DePaul and at all levels of the university. This award is intended for those who go beyond their assigned duties to promote diversity.

Selection Criteria:
For purposes of the award selection process, diversity and inclusion initiatives are defined as departmental or individual programs, activities, and efforts designed to promote and support differences in people and society; that may include race and ethnic origin, gender, abilities, religious beliefs, age, education, sexual orientation and/or other perceived differences. 
    •    Any on-going or one-time diversity efforts or programs by an individual staff member or department that promotes or celebrates diversity. 
    •    Examples of goals, action steps, and accomplishments, that create a work environment that recognizes, promotes and encourages the diversity within DePaul University among our staff at all levels of the organization.  Examples of Initiatives could include:  
    •    Innovative initiatives designed to promote diversity and inclusion 
    •    Innovative internal programs and/or systems that define management’s role in promoting diversity-related issues. 
    •    Organizational development and training programs in place for the purpose of professional growth: training encouraging participation by persons of color, women, and/or differently abled individuals to excel at management levels. 
    •    Available diversity training to educate, sensitize and familiarize employees at all levels of the many differences and similarities within our community. 
    •    Community-based outreach programs designed to integrate community members through the participation of people of color, women, and other underrepresented populations.