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Staff Workplace Assistance

​Staff Workplace Assistance

Staff Council is here to advocate for staff, participate in university governance, and engage with staff about issues faced in the workplace. When it comes to questions and problems in the office or on campus, Staff Council can guide you in the right direction, though it is important to remember that we are neither a confidential resource nor a mediator.

Employee Relations
For work-related, regulatory, job performance, or behavioral issues, this is your first stop. They also handle questions related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), threats and violence, and progressive discipline.

Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity
For issues concerning discrimination or harassment related to your ethnicity, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, age, or any other status that is protected by local, state, or federal law, contact OIDE. It can be difficult sometimes to know if we are facing discrimination. 

Office of Institutional Compliance
It can be difficult to know where to turn or even what qualifies as misconduct in the workplace. Misconduct can include everything from conflicts of interest to fraud and theft. While we receive emails to complete the compliance training each year, that office actually handles anonymous reports, which can be made through an independent hotline (877/286-8390), or the EthicsPoint website. It’s possible to create a password for your report and, while remaining anonymous, still follow up on your case.

Human Resources

Staff members frequently contact Staff Council to ask about DePaul’s policies on maternity leave, FMLA, summer hours, and vacation time. Our Human Resources department has worked hard to develop a site that answers as many of our questions as possible. There are a lot of FAQs on HR’s Benefits page. For all of your employment, compensation, benefits, and training questions, try:

Staff Council
Staff Council is comprised of elected members of staff from across the university. If you have concerns about a policy or any other issue, we encourage you to reach out to a current Staff Council member or contact us via email.