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Manages the Council's internal and external communication initiatives, maintains the Council's website, and develops appropriate communication strategies to enable the council to work with its various university constituencies.

Current Members: Scott Ozaroski (Chair), John Corba, Mildred Santiago

Diversity, Mission & Inclusion

Advises and collaborates with key university departments, such as the Division of Mission and Ministry and the Office of Institutional Diversity, on topics related to staff diversity, inclusion, culture, and environment.

Current Members: Aesha Engeldinger (Chair), Emad Mahou, Jeanne Williams


Evaluates and recommends ways to make the council more effective, both in its internal functioning, as well as in its impact on the university at-large.

Current Members: Celia DeBoer (Chair), Katie Brown, Claire Paetsch

Fiscal Planning Advisory

Acts as an advising committee to the President of Staff Council as he/she participates in University fiscal planning processes and committees. The committee's scope includes advising Staff Council representatives participating on committees such as the Strategic Resource Planning Committee (SRAC) and other similar and/or related committees. The Committee provides feedback to both the administration of the university and the President of Staff Council during this process. The Committee also communications regularly with Staff Council members to keep them up to date and notifies them of issues of importance affecting staff and the university, while understanding and adhering to the confidentiality of the information that is given.

Current Members: Sandra Tanksley (Chair), Christina Bowman

Membership & Elections

Coordinates the logistics of all council meetings, events, and recruitment.

Current Members: Leslie Triplett- Bracy (Chair), Matthew KrauseOlinda Rios, Damien Rodriguez

Staff Resources

Serves as a liaison between the staff members of the university and all employment-related issues, including but not limited to benefits and compensation, public safety, and recruiting.

Current Members: ​T​om Judge (Chair), Kumari Christiansen, Erin Kasprzak, Leyfane Thomas


  1. The Steering Committee is composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and the chairs of the standing committees and shall be chaired by the President of the Council.
  2. The Steering Committee will meet prior to the monthly Staff Council meeting to set the agenda. The calendar of Steering Committee meetings, agendas and minutes will be communicated to the full council in a timely manner.
  3. The Steering Committee shall encourage and recruit qualified staff to run for Staff Council by:
    1. Promoting a diverse candidate pool that represents a variety of areas in the university community.
    2. Contacting all candidates who have submitted petitions prior to the election, and their supervisors, to reiterate council responsibilities and activities.

Current Members: Victoria Van Kirk Pride (President), Dani Blackwell (Vice-President), Laura Swierzbin (Secretary),  Scott Ozaroski (Communications), Aesha Engeldinger (Diversity, Inclusion, & Mission), Celia DeBoer​ (Effectiveness), Sandra Tanksley (Fiscal Planning Advisory), Leslie Triplett-Bracy (Membership & Elections), Tom Judge (Staff Resources)