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Community School Partners

​​​​​​​School partners

 We partner with schools and communities to promote equity and justice for children and the community at large. Part of the critical fabric, as centers of community-wide learning for adults and children, community schools can be one-stop shops for social, health, economic and educational needs. We work in both public and Catholic schools to spark academic achievement through experiential, project-based learning that connects to myriad community resources. To do so, the Egan Office employs teams of two or more tutors and a School Community Organizer, typically a graduate student who builds relationships within the school and community, identifies partners, provides project-based learning opportunities that create greater DePaul synergy, and gives support to the tutors who lead a special project with students.

C​​​​atholic and Public Schools Internship Program Coordinators

As the Schools team Program Coordinator at DePaul, Kevin oversees recruitment efforts, provides support to Egan's tutors and School Community organizers, and co-creates, develops and implements events and programs. Kevin works closely with the Council of Elders, which works with Egan’s staff and students to share their collective wisdom and knowledge to reinforce the vision and mission statement of the Egan Office. He first started working with the Egan office as a tutor/mentor. Right before becoming a Program Coordinator, he was a school community organizer and worked closely with the Little Village community.

Kevin Amaro


Prior to Egan, he has worked with various organizations in Chicago from Resilience, The Chicago Freedom School, Take Back Our Lives, and The Field Museum. These positions deepen his understanding of current social problems and highlighted the importance of building capacity, civic engagement, and leadership development.

 Kevin received his BA in Public Relations & advertising at DePaul. As part of the Grace School of Applied Diplomacy at DePaul, Kevin is pursuing his MA in Applied Diplomacy, with a concentration in Urban diplomacy which is dedicated to preparing students to enter this dynamic world of diplomacy.

Amy Acosta is the Schools Team Data Coordinator for the Egan Office. Her role consists on collaborating with the Assistant Director, Monica Ramos, on planning, collecting, reviewing, and organizing data regarding impacts on engagement, resources, and partnerships of the communities The Egan Office works closely with. 

Amy Acosta


Prior to her role as the Schools Team Data Coordinator, Amy was a School Community Organizer who worked in the North Lawndale Community in which she focused on partnership facilitations, asset acquisition and community engagement with our partner school, Lawndale Community Academy.

Amy has received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a certification in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language. Currently, Amy is pursuing her M.Ed at DePaul University with a specialization in College and Student Affairs.


O​ur School Partners

Every team at each of our partner schools consist of two or more tutors and one School Community Organizer (SCO). Tutors can serve in public schools as scholars in our Public School Scholarship program or as work study students in Catholic Schools. SCOs are typically graduate students assigned to one particular school and community area to identify potential resources and partners for the school. SCOs also provide support to their team of tutors. To find out how to get involved with one of our programs please visit  Students Opportunities.

The SCO serves as a connector between DePaul, Egan school partners, and the community. The SCO role wears many hats including; Collaborating with the office team, Working with and in communities to build partnerships, Building relationships with the administration and community team at their assigned school, Managing and supporting a tutor team at their assigned school, and other tasks that come up throughout the school year. 


2020-21 SCO Team Coming Soon


​​For inquiries regarding the Catholic and Public Schools Internship program contact the Egan Office Assistant Director, Monica Ramos