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Tutoring by Subject

Department or School Location Walk-In or Appointment More Info
Accountancy & MIS DPC 6000 Walk-in School of Accountancy & MIS
Chemistry McGowan South 300 Walk-in Science and Math Learning Center
College of Digital Media & Computing Varies Walk-in CDM Tutoring Center
Economics DPC 6200 Walk-in Department of Economics
Education COE 270 Appt. COE Academic Success Center
Finance DPC 5500 Appt. Department of Finance
Geography SAC 224 Walk-in GIS Lab
Law Appt. Law Academic Support Program
Math Varies Walk-in Department of Mathematical Sciences and Science and Math Learning Center
Modern Languages SAC 305
Appt. Language Learning Center
Physics O'Connell 300 & JTR 111 Walk-in Department of Physics and Astrophysics and Science and Math Learning Center
Psychology (Statistics) O'Connell 300  Walk-in Science and Math Learning Center 
Quantitative Reasoning (LSP 120/121) Varies Walk-in Quantative Reasoning Center
Sociology (Statistics) 990 W. Fullerton 1117 Walk-in Department of Sociology
Technology Varies N/A IS Technology Training
Writing (All Types) SAC 212 or Lewis 1600 Both University Center for Writing-based Learning