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​Available to faculty, staff, and students.

Company Information

Bibibop Asian Grill, a casual and stylish self-serve for customized bowls inspired by Korean dish bibimbap, when you enter their cozy, fashionable store, you choose purple/white rice, noodle, or salad and move onto your proteins (Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Steak, Organic Tofu). Next up is hot toppings and cold toppings: black beans, bean sprouts, and potatoes for the hot; daikon, cucumber, kale, corn, cheese, etc. for the cold, for as much as you want. Lastly, you can get to pick your favorite sauce for perfection. Ta-da! Now the food is ready for you. Kimchi and pineapple are also available for sides. 

They have 5 different sauces to your liking and the most popular sauce is Cucumber Wasabi. If you like spicy, Korean Red or Spicy Sriracha would be a good choice. Under the slogan “WELL B-ING a happy healthy lifestyle”, Bibibop offers a variety of healthy yet delicious options in a very friendly atmosphere. Free miso-soup is another great advantage.

Discount Information

  • Receive a FREE drink with any regular bowl purchase with any valid DePaul ID.

Getting the Discount

Show any valid DePaul ID

24 E Jackson Blvd
Chicago, IL 60604
(312) 588-0054