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Urban Schools Approach

The Egan Office for UECP partners with schools and communities to promote equity and justice for children, families, and communities and support community efforts to build strong, sustainable community schools. Part of the critical fabric, as centers of community-wide learning for adults and children, schools can be one-stop shops for social, health, economic and educational needs. We work in Public and Catholic schools to add value to their efforts in supporting children and their families' learning and positive development.

We promote and support community efforts to build sustainable urban schools using the following strategies: Promote Equity: Identify and challenge systems, policies, and practices that contribute to inequity; and collaboratively develop alternatives that are equitable and just.

Facilitate Partnerships: Create mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships among schools, community, and university.

Support Inclusive Engagement: Support greater family and community engagement in schools and school engagement in the community. Ensure that all stakeholder groups participate in decision-making planning and implementation.

Enhance Higher Order Learning: Enhance student learning and engagement with high level, relevant, rigorous, experiential, and student-centered curriculum and learning opportunities that reflect the assets and history of the family, community, and culture(s) of students.

Ensure Comprehensive Support: Support the development of a comprehensive, culturally appropriate, and integrated web of social supports for students and their families.

Secure a Caring and Safe Environment: Assist in creating a safe, caring, and nurturing school, family, and community environment.

Sustainable Comprehensive Community Schools Philosophy Graphic

We currently partner with the following Public and Catholic Schools.

  • Leif Ericson Scholastic Academy
  • Nixon Elementary
  • Henderson Elementary
  • Lawndale Community Academy
  • Gale Community Academy
  • St. Pius V Catholic School
  • Leo High School